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12.2 mi


9:12 mi


Saucony (Q)


170 lb
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I slept in. No Lunatics, no bakery. The cold northwest wind that plagued the early risers continued to make lives difficult for those of us who waited for a sunnier time, though.

8.57 -- the first .4 miles went west, and the wind was brutal.

8.59 -- south and downhill. Should have been faster.

9.11 -- up that monster hill

8.35 -- downhill the entire way but straight into the wind

9.03 -- mostly west and uphill the first half

8.52 -- south. Struggling to hit all my marks so that I'll hit Prathersville before 1:00:00

8.57 -- made it to Prathersville in time to "earn" my extra two miles, but feel like the way back is gonna kill me. Opt for the shorter course. (For those who are reading my log for the first time, the rule is that I run 14 miles if I hit Prathersville in an hour, but I run 12 if it takes longer than an hour.)

9.18 -- slowing down more than I thought at this point.

9.25 -- running north. Brutal, as before.

9.32 -- more north.

9.42 -- running low on motivation.

10.01 -- legs hurting

1.26 (8.24) -- down a fairly steep hill.

Still obviously not recovered from the January marathon. How much does it suck to be old? I don't have a specific injury I can point to that's making me run short and slow these days, but I'm sleeping extra, eating extra, and every run makes my calves, hip flexors and butt sore the next day. Yuck.