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9:26 AM

26.2 mi


8:20 mi


58 F

Race Result

11307 / 26639 (42.4%)
927 / 1855 (50%)
8006 / 14666 (54.6%)
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Boston Marathon

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Terrible training due to a knee sprain. In the two months prior - four weeks off and no single run over ten miles.

Plan was to do 8 min miles until knee told me to stop, then take the train back to the hotel.

Knee never hurt more than rest of body, which is nice. The second half was as tough as any marathon I've done. Slowest marathon in five years, but I'm now glad I did it.

Pretty even splits except:

Mile 9: Bathroom break

Mile 16: 2nd Bathroom break (good grief)

Mile 17: Stopping by Sue

Mile 20: Walking on “3rd hill” (only mental low point of the race)

Mile 21: Heartbreak hill

Mile 26: Honestly don't remember