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7:04 AM

50 mi


11:07 mi


118 bpm
181 bpm

Race Result

44 / 63 (69.8%)
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-I think there were 10 DNF's(14% of total starters). Terrible weather. Temps started in upper 30's and dropped through the day. Over the 9 hours we had rain, sleet, hail, snow, and for one brief moment sunny skies. 20+ mph winds, but mainly a cross wind.

-Followed 5':2' Run:Walk until last 5ish miles when things fell apart a bit. Also walked up all steep hills. Hung out and talked to Sue for around 5 minutes at each aid station(9 total, so 45 minutes?). It gave me something to look forward to. With the weather, she was a real trooper.

-Took in very few calories(a few gels, and Coke @ aid stations), I should have worked more on that.

-I am glad I gave it a try; but even if my training was better and the weather was good, I am not sure I would have enjoyed it: Probably be a one and done thing for me.

-The small print says it's 50.5 miles, my watch recorded 51 (close enough).