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26.2 mi


6:37 mi


164 lb


53 F

Race Result

3 / 113 (2.7%)
2 / 7 (28.6%)


Quick race summary. It was on an indoor 450m or so track. It was 95 laps. I ran until about the 17 mile mark at a 6:20 pace (2:45 marathon). I started to slow down as most of the other people on the track (all 117) of them started get harder to run around. There was two lanes on the track and slower people stayed in the outside lane and faster people would pass on the inside line. So I ran the whole race on the inside lane. As people started hitting their half way point (around when I was hitting mile 17) they would run in the inside land because it was shorter until someone would come up to pass them. So i started to have to wait a second or two here or there twice or three times a lap as I passed them. I'm really gearing up for Grandma's where I want to go between 2:40 to 2:45. I was tired at the end of the marathon but not overly so. I can't use it for a Boston entry, so mostly I wanted to see were I was at fitness wise and get a little more experience. I jogged 7 miles today with only minor soreness so that is good. I think i could have gone 2:45-7 if i had truly gone all out, but I started to get sick of running the laps and I wanted to stay healthy and able to keep getting in miles. I am disappointed and frustrated that I didn't go sub 2:50...and to be honest the people getting in the way was a problem, but it was mostly me wimping out because I got in my own head too much about keeping healthy and being able to keep getting in miles for Grandma's and the Twin Cities this fall. I knew that running laps was going to mentally tough, but I thought I would handle it better than I did. It really was mind numbing to a level I didn't expect. All in all I was 8 for happiness on a scale of 1 to 10.