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Current Weight: 56.7 kg
Goal Weight: 54.4 kg
Location: southwest, Florida
About me: 
I used to be a redliner and LOVED racing sprint & olympic triathlons (as well as 5ks) for that reason, but alas, I have fallen in love with long course... and more specifically with long distance running. The 10 mile and half marathon are just about the most perfect distance ever and I'm slowly developing a soft spot for the marathon as well. I hope to someday qualify for the Boston marathon and finish an Ironman hand-in-hand with my husband.
Why do I run: 
Running is both a friend and a foe. It is the most challenging leg of the triathlon for me; yet, I love training for it the most. My heart belongs to running! The calorie burn doesn't hurt either!
Why I started running: 
It all started in Dec 2007 via the C25K program. My only goal was to complete a benefit 5K race in March 2008. The running bug bit me HARD and the next thing I knew, I found myself addicted to running AND triathlon! Low and behold... I discovered that I was actually pretty decent at both!