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Gender: Male
Profession: civil engineer
Current Weight: 70.8 kg
Location: Georgia
About me: 
I am a 50 yo male, wife of 25 years, 2 girls (14 and 18). Went to Ga Tech and I am a helluva an engineer. I have always been active. I am very goal driven. I love to challenge myself. I love the feeling of accomplishment after achieving a goal. I used to backpack all the time. When I was younger, running was a way for me to stay in shape for backpacking. I have hiked over 750 miles of the Appalachain Trail. I got in the habit of partying and drinking too much and eventually quit exercising. I let myself get way out of shape. I was almost 60 lbs overweight (210 lbs). I totally quit drinking in 2006. Began walking/running everyday, determined to get back in shape. I dropped 55 lbs in about 9 months. Now I run all the time. Today I feel I am in better shape than when I was in HS. The Peachtree RR 10K used to seem like such a monumental challenge when I was 30. Now there is nothing to it. Just another 6 mile run.
Why do I run: 
for fitness; for the feeling of accomplishment after achieving a goal; to challenge myself; for the exhaustive feeling or runner high afterward; to think; i enjoy being by myself; to sweat; because i dont ever want to be fat again; so i can eat what i want; its a habit, like brushing my teeth; because i can; because god gave me 2 legs that work; i like race tee shirts; i like after race parties, its a celebration of fitness;
Why I started running: 
Mainly for fitness but also the challenge and feeling of accomplishment. I have never been into group type sports. Running is something you can just go and do by yourself. I dont care for gyms. All i need is a pair of shoes. I have never been real athletic. Running was something i found i could do and was sort of good at;