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12:16 PM

6.9 mi


7:20 mi


49 F


5 / 10
7 / 10
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Wow, great run today and totally unexpected! I was at USATF coaching certification class all weekend in Alexandria and today at lunchtime I finally got an opportunity to run. I ended up going over one of my old courses from when we lived in South Arlington. Surprisingly I fired out quicker than usual, then in the second mile I really went rocketing downhill. After that the pace leveled off to around MP but then came an uphill mile and the expected correction. After that I finished right on MP over two mostly flat miles. Punched the clock when I hit 10k total distance, which ended up being a 45:11 - not bad at all for an MP run! Then I jogged it back to the school and quickly toweled off and changed just in time for class starting again. That run was definitely not in the plan for today but I felt so strong that I just went with it. I'd say it was a good lunch.