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7:30 AM

5 km


7:35 mi


85 F

Race Result

65 / 435 (14.9%)
1 / 19 (5.3%)
12 / 245 (4.9%)


holy crap, it was hot as balls!

1st place age group again! (and I would've still placed third AG if it was 30-39!)

lap 1 7:34

lap 2 7:31

lap 3 7:32

evenest splits ever! it really was hard to breathe, and I was heaving pretty good, but nobody passed me after the first mile, and i was picking off people left and right, including some cheaters who were cutting corners! then i got this awesome kick at the end and flew past two people who i hadn't thought i'd be able to catch! wootwoot! won a medal for my bling collection along w/ a big bottle of wine!