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7:31 AM

13.1 mi


7:40 mi


165 bpm
177 bpm


68 F

Race Result

66 / 567 (11.6%)
2 / 56 (3.6%)
16 / 340 (4.7%);perpage:5000

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Shark Bite Half Marathon

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Shark Bite Half! NSB

signed up Wed. when forecast was for 64 and clear; ended up being 68, rainy, and gusty, but still a fuck of a lot better than 2 wks ago's 84 and sunny!

Differences: 9hrs sleep 2 nites before; rest day yesterday & spag dinner (vs BBs); pb toast at 4am, dog walk, 30 mins yoga before leaving; 1 slice pb bread, 3/4 bottle h2o & 2 headache/caffeine pills 1/2 hr before start + ~1.5 mile speed walking to get packet; grabbed at least a swig of water or gatorade at every aid station (even miles); NO SUN!!!!

felt amazing THE WHOLE TIME, even over the ginormous causeway (@6.5mi), picked off a dozen ppl in last 3 miles

Not sure why the few times vo2m transfers over to RA, it's SO different from what pops up on the watch face at the end of a run...

THIRTEEN MINUTES faster than the other time I did this race (2019)

...also set 10k (46:16) and 5k (22:28) PRs!

Gigantic medal & pint glass for finishing, top 10% female trucker cap, awesome plaque for age group award