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13.1 mi


12:19 mi


48 F

Race Result

7116 / 15784 (45.1%)
1198 / 2543 (47.1%)
7116 / 15784 (45.1%)


5k 42:28

10k 1:10:41

15k 1:44:04

yeah, i knew we planned to run together and get pics and all, but it felt sooooo slow, and then poor l had a knee blow out at mile ten, so we pretty much walked the last 5k :( never thought i was really that competitive a person but i really hated being passed by all those people after i had put so much time and effort into being well trained!!! that 5k time is 20 MINUTES slower than i ran it last week!! argh, wish i had more money to enter another race soon so i could redeem myself in my own head!