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7:02 AM

13.1 mi


8:36 mi


80 F

Race Result

39 / 438 (8.9%)
2 / 50 (4%)
12 / 264 (4.5%)
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could've won my age group again if I hadn't pussed out and walked up the intracoastal bridge :( oh well … was way too friggin hot to go any harder than I did - I was dripping sweat in rivers when I finished and didn't feel well at all :( started out w/ the 1:50 pace group and held on for 5 miles then realized the heat was killing me and if I didn't slow down some I might not finish at all - the thought of eating any of the chews made me nauseous and I even vurped Gatorade at one point - gotta find something that gives me a boost w/out making me ill!