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5:05 AM

4.2 mi


7:45 mi


144 bpm
153 bpm


72 F
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Slept thru 320 alarm! even tho it goes off for 1 minute every 5 mins at least 3x, so it's a miracle i woke up on my own at 5... totally spazzed and ran out the door w/out even getting a sip of water, much less eating anything, may be why i got a side stitch right at 3 miles... despite the unintended xtra rest, this run felt pretty bad, even tho it was fairly cool, and now i have even less time til the next one :( at least hr stayed in z2

sausage toe is super sore, prolly from being squashed in vaporflys for last run

72, 90%

V02m 60

0 cpm