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3:30 PM

13.1 mi


8:13 mi


168 bpm
174 bpm


84 F

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10 / 66 (15.2%);perpage:100

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Moonlight Beach Run Half

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Will never sign up for a race so far out again - would NEVER have done a half at 330 in the afternoon if I'd known it would be 84 fucking degrees (IN JANUARY - WTF???) carried water, walked the aid stations for gatorade, and still had to walk some at 7.5 and 9.1 miles because my heart felt like it was going to explode... got some huge gnarly blood blisters on several toes as lovely mementos (one's so big it has its own pulse, G R oss) ... and it seems the chick who 'won' first overall cheated - no splits recorded in official results, I was told by a gazillion ppl that I was first female, and she never went opposite before me at either turnaround, hopefully the mgt co straightens it out ... the beach itself was beautiful, the sunset was spectacular, I got up close & personal with a shit ton of sea gulls, and the awards, medal, and shirt are really nice, so it wasn't ALL bad!

very strange, just saw that my vo2m was recorded on RA at 41 but my watch had showed 59...