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12:00 PM

4.4 mi


7:08 mi


157 bpm
169 bpm


86 F
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laid down for a bit after the yoga, but didn't sleep

had 4pack mini powdered sugar donuts (250 cals) at 10, usual cheese & crackers lunch at 1100

from starting last night to logging this note at 1250, drank 3/4L of LMNT

tg for cloud cover! 86, 64% w/ FL of 93

felt great!

started this thing last night thinking 'just take it easy, lotta miles to cover, not a lotta sleep, 8mpm ave is fine' but now kinda wanna see if i can get thru the rest at 730 or less too - it IS a challenge after all, i can't be a wimp my ENTIRE life

vo2m 60

0 cpm