Running Club Management Service Features

The club management service has a rich set of features. Below are some of the major features that may interest you. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Centralized Management

  • Centralized membership management

    Mange club member information in one place with an intuitive web interface.

  • Multiple administrators

    Spread the workload of managing the club over multiple administrators.

  • Administrator permissions

    Assign permissions to each administrator to limit access to club information.

  • Customizable membership types

    Create membership types specific to your club, such as "Individual" or "Family". You can specify the membership price, membership period, and the number of members allowed in each membership. Additional eligibility rules can be applied to each membership type to ensure the member qualifies for the membership.

  • Search and filter members

    Search and filter members based on criteria such as name, gender, age, membership expiration date, etc.

  • Complete membership history for each member

    Each member's membership history is recorded, allowing you to go back and check on each member at any time in the future.

  • Download membership data

    The complete membership list can be downloaded as a CSV file, ensuring that your club has complete control of the data. You can optionally download a partial members list if the list is filtered using the search function.

  • Import membership data

    Import your club's members list to the club management service so that you don't have to manually enter each member.

  • Administrator action log

    All actions in the administrative console are logged, creating an audit trail for review.

Process Payments

  • Collect membership dues online can optionally collect your club's membership dues online. The dues will be mailed to the club each month.

  • Low fees charges 3% + 80¢ per credit card transaction processed online. The processing fee is significantly lower than other race registration services, thus saving everyone money.

  • Secure credit card processing uses high grade 2048-bit encryption to protect personal and financial data.

  • PCI Compliant is in full compliance with the PCI DSS. What that means is the credit card information is fully protected. In fact, the credit card numbers are not accessible by the web servers. All transactional data are encrypted. In the event that's servers are compromised, the hackers will not have access to the financial data.

Member Communications

  • Club announcement emails

    Sending emails to your club members is easy with the club management service. You no longer need to worry about synchronizing the members list with the mailing list. Just type the email from the administrative console and the service takes care of the rest!

  • Customizable welcome emails

    When a new member is added, or when an existing member renews the membership, a welcome email is automatically sent to let the member know that the membership has been processed.

  • Membership renewal reminders

    The club management service can automatically send out membership expiration emails to members, reminding them to renew their memberships. The reminders support a set of variables, allowing you to create personalized emails.