Epiretinal Membrane/Macular Pucker (Read 58 times)

    So it looks like surgery for this is likely in my future.  I have some questions, if anyone has had it done in the past.


    This is the same eye that I had cataract surgery on last summer.  I'd had symptoms for some time, but the eye doc thought they were caused by the cataract.  Once that was gone, it improved my ability to see in low light situations, but not my vision.


    Mostly looking for anecdata at this point.  How did it go?  Did you regain clear vision?  How long did it take?  I'm sure there's more.





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      Not exactly, but I had retinal detachment surgery some years ago, followed by IOL for cataracts; kind of the reverse of what you're getting.  Do you know if you're going to get a scleral buckle?  That really changed the shape of my eye, and made me even more nearsighted than I already was.  The IOL pretty much completely corrected my myopia.  I guess you won't have that advantage.  Good luck; hope it turns out well.

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.

        The way I understand it is that they go in and peel the membrane (scar tissue) from the retina. I saw the scans (dye pictures that they took in October), and the blood vessels are definitely wrinkled.  The scans from Thursday show definite thickening of the retina compared to the other eye.


        I'll probably schedule this for after I do the triple half in July.

        Rose Marathon Maniac #991 Half Fanatic #58 It's a perfect day and I feel great!