Training Plan Workouts Now Un-Completed (Read 112 times)

    Eric, not sure if my feedback email made it to you.


    I'd previously created a Activity called "Plyos-n-Drills" for ... well, plyometrics and drills.  I had exactly ONE workout of that type in my log -- one that I entered this past Monday.  I decided to kill that Activity and just enter the plyo exercises individually as Exercise Sets in the existing Weights Activity.  When I went into manage My Activities to delete the old Plyos-n-Drills Activity, it warned me that I had workouts of that type entered and deleting the Activity would lose them forever.  I was fine with that and clicked yes (or whatever it offered).


    And thereafter, all my workouts from 01JUL2011 forward no longer synch with their Training Plan counterparts.  I.e., the calendar now shows every planned workout incomplete, with its corresponding work(s) appearing the same day but not related to them anymore.  If I go into a workout and click Edit, its Training Plan counterpart shows up in the Planned Workout drop-down field.  Doing nothing more than then clicking Save "connects" it to the planned workout.  So I did that for maybe the past 10 days or so, but it's not something I want to go back 17 months for, entry by entry.


    Any thoughts/fixes?

    “Everything you need is already inside.” -- Bill Bowerman


      I replied to your email this morning.  I wasn't able to reproduce the problem on my test machine so I'll have to load the real data and see if I can reproduce it there.  It'll take some time because my test machine is nowhere near as fast as the production servers.

        Ah, I see your email now. Smile  No problem on the diagnostics, and no rush either.  Thanks!

        “Everything you need is already inside.” -- Bill Bowerman