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    It's easier to point you to a site than describe it myself. Check out this one: http://www.bikeman.com/content/view/704/115/ I do something like the matchbook trick described in that link. Kirk
    Kirk is absolutely right. The problem is almost certainly toe-in, as described in the link above. Yes, he of the 6 bikes is also correct that the brake pads will be hard as rocks, but even old brake pads can be relatively silent (and effective) with proper toe-in.

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      Anya...again I wish we were neighbors. DH has like 6 bikes (only rides maybe 4 of them...road, mountain, cyclocross, hybrid...the others are mostly wall art in the garage) and does most of his own maintenance. He LOVES tinkering with people's bikes and getting them ready to roll...he just fixed a co-workers mountain bike this weekend. I think you got some pretty good advice from the guys here. I hope you can get your bike braking quietly and effectively without too much $$.
      I wish we were neighbors. DW 's bike needs twist shifters replaced. Going to SOPO tomorrow and let them help me. Bike co-op for bike repair challenged.Cry http://www.sopobikes.org/:

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