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    I like the Nimbus 8. Very comfortable and durable. Any Nimbus 8 wearers out there that have tried the Nimbus 9s? How do they compare?
      I have worn Nimbus (Nimbi?) V-VIII. LOVE THEM ALL. Have not tried the IX, yet. Great shoes, albeit pricey in Canada - regular price is $179. Thanks to someone on this site, I was introduced to efootwear.com. Fabulous deals on Asics. They are clearing out their VIII's for $79.
        I've worn the Asics Nimbus for a while and will not even try any other shoe. It may be a horrible coincidence, but the last times I tried other shoes I had foot problem and am convinced the shoes had something to do with it. I had a stress fracture in my left foot while wearing a pair of Mizuno Wave Creation 10’s and plantar faciitis in my right foot while wearing a Saucony shoe. The Nimbus is very light weight and has a ton of cushioning, which for me is great because I'm a heavier runner.
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          I like my new shoes, but I'm back to having troubles with the toes on my left foot. It used to be that at around an hour and 5 minutes to ten minutes of running they would start to tingle and have sharp pains and then go sort of numb on and off. This was actually an improvement from when they used to do that at 40 minutes. Now with my new shoes the pain is back but now it starts at 25 minutes! And the pain does not go away like it used to. The lower laces on that shoe are extra loose, which used to be the key to keeping the pain away. So now I'm thinking this shoe may not be the "perfect" one for me. I'll give it some time and maybe they'll break in some and change a little. After all, I just bought the shoes on Tuesday. Smile


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