Just signed up, but I didn't receive an activation notice in my email? (Read 68 times)

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    Hello, I'm new -- just signed up. I'm trying to modify the options feature here, and I'm getting a red error message stating that my email hasn't been verified. I looked in my email, but theres not notice from this site that I've registered. Just wondering if I need to activate a link through my email before I can utilize all the features here? Thanks in advance, for your help. Smile


    This looks like a great site.

    Feeling the growl again

      I'm sure you have....but have you checked your spam box?

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        Hi EssGirl,

        No activation is required to use the site.  The unverified indicator just means the system doesn't know if the email address is valid or not.  If you enable an email oriented feature, the system will prompt you to verify your email.  Welcome to RA!


        eric Smile

        running > all else

          Hello, and thank you for the replies! It seems to be working now...but, I still haven't received any notification through my email. lol

          I will keep checking. I checked spam too. Hmmm...