Display Recent Runs in a Joomla Module (Read 633 times)

    I see that RunningAhead has the ability to display recent runs in a blog or another website. I have a personal website that is driven by Joomla. I'm trying to display my runs within a module. Has anyone done this and can offer any suggestions? I tried using the mod_html module which allows you to embed HTML or JavaScript and that does display my recent runs, but it screws up the rest of my site which doesn't get displayed. All I did was embed the <script>
      Derek, I tried to check out Joomla, but couldn't get the demo to work. There are some cases where the script isn't working, but I can't reproduce it. From what you decribed, it looks like it's missing an end tag. Could you send me the HTML source for the page containing the script so I can see what's going on? eric Smile
        I decided to try my hand at creating a Joomla module and it seems to work ok. You can see it in action at www.derekleewo.com (in the left column) If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to email you the module file. I'll probably find somewhere on my website to post it for download. When you configure the module, you need to specify your 32-character RunningAHEAD user ID and the number of latest workouts to display