Nike lunar eclipse -bad hip (Read 53 times)




    I have even a loyal Nike runner on the eclipse for three years now. for the first time I had a shoe and was running half marathons with very little injury.


    i diligently swapped out pairs after 800km on each pair.


    in March this year I upgraded to the lunar eclipse three and two weeks later I got a really weird hip injury that was somewhere in the mid- range amongst tendons and ligaments.


    I assumed it  was just fatigue, and have spent a lot of time trying to diagnose it.


    A couple weeks ago i tried my old lunar eclipses - low and behold, no issues.


    has anyone experienced the same? should I contact nike about the issue?


    thanks for your responses

    an amazing likeness

      To my opinion, changing shoe make and/or model to something that doesn't cause you hip pain would be more effective than contacting Nike.

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