Can I sync my RunKeeper app with RunningAhead.com? (Read 135 times)


    I have been running with the RunKeeper app on my phone for a while and it has my only log saved. I have no intention of copying everything by hand onto this site but I would like to see it here. Is there an upload or sync option?

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      There is an option in the RunningAhead log to import data from Runkeeper:


      Training Log -> Upload GPS Data..from File -> Source = Run Keeper (zip)

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        In RunKeeper go to your settings page, at the bottom there is an option to export data.  You select your date range and it will export to a zip file.  You can then import that zip file into RunningAhead just as MilkTruck indicated.


        If I remember correctly when I imported large chunks of data the weight data seemed to want to come over in a separate file and I just didn't save those files when they showed up as an entry in RunningAhead.  Other than that it worked like a charm.


        I still log all my data in RunKeeper using the app on my phone and then import it to RunningAhead.

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