2013 Holiday Running Streak (Read 697 times)

    10 this morning with a friend, have another friend run tomorrow, she wants to do 12, which means i will be exhausted and run like two miles monday morning!

      Sorry to show up late for the party... still room for one more? I didn't get a chance to run on Thanksgiving, but I'm in for 250 miles this December. As penance for missing the Turkey Trot I'll make it interesting and commit to 50 miles before 6:00 am.

        7 miles this morning

        CT JEFF

          2 last night in the cold, barefoot. TM today.

          RUN SAFE.     Barefoot 1st: 6/9/13. PR: 5k=22:50 10k=47:46 HM 1:51. FM 4:28

          November 27th - Newton Thanksgiving Run (MA) 10k

          Jan 1 Gordys First Race. 10k. Jan 18 Disneyland Star Wars HM 5:30am


            Just 2 miles this morning.  It was 31 degrees, which felt pretty warm.


              Got the mile in after returning from a day of skiing and driving 500 miles. If not for this challenge I'd have totally bailed. Sweet!

                Beautiful day, sunny and relatively warm. Slight breeze. 6 miles on my own. 2 miles with the kids (son 8, neighbor girl 10).

                old woman w/hobby

                  4 miles.



                  OCD  If you don't laugh...   

                    I'd like an HRS ruling please. Are we supposed to post each run daily? Or must I unhide my log to the GP? Or, do you trust me?

                    Another 7 for today.

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                      I'd like an HRS ruling please. Are we supposed to post each run daily? Or must I unhide my log to the GP? Or, do you trust me?

                      Another 7 for today.

                      I say no, but if it works for anyone here go ahead and post.


                      What I want to see most out of this is people running, staying motivated to run, and having fun running on those days that would have otherwise been off for no good reason.


                      Run, people!

                        I'm in. I took a rest day on the 29th before my Turkey Trot race today but I'm kicking into marathon training so running every day for the month of December seems like a good idea. I'm shooting for 200 miles in December and if I make 225 I'll have done 2500 for the year.

                        2015 goals

                        1800 miles; 5k < 25:00; 10k < 51:00; HM < 1:55; finish a 70.3 Half Ironman



                        NYC Half Marathon 3/15; Unite Half Marathon 4/12; Escape the Cape Sprint Tri 6/14; NJ State Oly Tri 7/19

                          I'm in, I have a terrible habit of repeatedly falling off the wagon for the last 5 years.  Just turned 35 and I HAVE to quit being afraid of pushing myself running.   Planning on a half marathon in SC in February.  Might sound weak to some peeps here, but I'll aim for 80 miles in the month of December!

                            This is very cool.I play hockey on tuesdays during the winter though, but I'll still make december a month in which I don't take friday off. So that will be 6 running days + 1 hockey day. Won't join officially but I'm still going to follow the idea, in my own way.



                                9 this morning at the bro's house in Arkansas, drove home, finally back on line.

                                - Joe

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