Garmin Foot Pod and Speed Source (Read 1825 times)

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    I'm having issues with calibrating my footpod. I'm running on an indoor track (400m) and depending on my pace it can be as much as .25 of a mile off. Should I abandon the foot pod altogether and just go back to counting laps manually. It wouldn't be a big deal, but it totally screws up my pace and total distance. 

    Aren't indoor tracks usually 200 meters?

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      This indoor facility is a sports dome with a marked 400 meter course. These responses are really helping me understand more. I'm currently doing aerobic base training, so my HR is the priority. Thus, pace changes often. I've been trying to calibrate it so that my distance results are accurate, but it's been off as much as 400m (.25 miles). The last time I went, I simply lapped each mile to get accurate results and came in +30 seconds under my previous foot pod run.