Skin cancer and hat help? (Read 84 times)


    Hello--I recently had a basal cell removed from my face and am looking for a longer than average brimmed hat for running.  Most typical mesh/wicking hats have 2-3 inch brims, which can leave a good part of the face uncovered.  I do longer distances and live and run at high altitude, so the sun is strong and I tend to sweat off a lot of sunscreen.  Any ideas?



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      I don't have personal experience with this bad boy, but Headsweats.com specifically lists this as having more coverage.

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          If you don't care about looking a little goofy just find yourself a real hat (not a glorified baseball cap) and get on with life.  I run every day at noon so sun exposure is a problem for me.  I worry about my neck as well as my face so I wear a Tilley hat most days and got over the look a long time ago!  Something like this ...



            I'm always on the lookout for a full-face protection running hat and have yet to find anything that is run-worthy.  Saw this after I read your post and believe it's a new product by a sun-hat company.



            This company does make other hats for full sun protection and I've tried on a couple at a local store, but wasn't thrilled with them.


            Should you find something in your search, please post here- I'm still looking for the ultimate sunrun hat.