Treadmill running and marathon training plan (Read 28 times)

    Hey guys, so I start my new plan this weekend and I am looking forward to the challenge of it, quite a big jump in my weekly mileage and a race predicted time that I am currently NOT thinking about Smile  However, my husband's busy travel season hits during the summer which means I have to do a lot of runs on my treadmill Sad  I hate the treadmill, really really hate it, and I probably project that hatred to the machine because i almost always have a bad workout when i run on it.


    so my question is how do you all do it when you have two or three longish (9 to 12 miles) runs during the week and have to run on the treadmill? you just suck it up and get it done? do you split the runs up and do a morning/evening run?? That is what I am thinking about doing, running over an hour on the treadmill just makes me want to do just about anything else. My husband travels mon through fri so at most it means during his travel weeks running three runs on the treadmill since I can almost always get outside monday morning before he flies out.


    i have split up runs in the past and run twice a day instead, but am i defeating the training purpose by doing that? or since i am getting in the mileage is that a good strategy?? What do you all do for long indoor runs??


    ps. i know my treadmill is off, the paces are to fast so i do my best to judge accordingly...but it's still basically a guessing game

      Hi Christirei! I don't have a treadmill, but I have read that splitting up longer runs doesn't give you the same benefit as doing the same mileage all at once. On the other hand, if you don't do it every week, just once in a while, then splitting them up is probably better than nothing. On yet another hand, if you really are going for The Time That Must Not Be Mentioned, details like this become a lot more important than if you were just training to finish...


      Whether splitting matters probably also depends on the purpose of that particular run. For instance, a recovery run between two longer aerobic runs? Probably doesn't matter so much if you do that in one or two runs.


      How often is your husband away from M-F? And is there anything you can do to make the treadmill more bearable? Watch TV or a movie? Any way you can get a babysitter in for at least one of the runs, so you can run outside? Are there any good group activities for kids in the summer so the kids can do something fun for a few hours while you run? I don't know, just throwing random ideas out there. I wouldn't want to run that long on the treadmill either Smile


      Possible source of inspiration:  Alaskan marathoner who trained all winter on a treadmill, then won the Olympic Trials marathon:


        The treadmill is not my favorite either.  I once ran a 20 miler on the treadmill at the gym as weather conditions made running outside impossible.    I will basically do anything I can to avoid the treadmill but sometimes it can't be avoided.  Some things that help make it easier:


        - Watch TV - The distraction of watching something helps.

        - Put a towel over the display - Nothing is worse than starting at the miles ticking by.  I swear that the counter runs backwards at times.

        - Setup a fan to provide a breeze - I tend to overheat easily and running on the treadmill in an enclosed space does not help.


        As to splitting, I think that you get more benefit from one longer run over splitting it into two shorter runs.


        Good luck

         2015 goals: run a bunch....race some.....repeat...

          bummer, thought that was what you guys would say. He is gone usually two weeks out of every month, but sometimes (like this month) he is only home one week out of the whole month!! hiring a babysitter is definitely an option at least once a week, and i do have one afternoon a week with no kids at home, so i guess i will find a way to make it work and learn to suck it up!!!

            But that's sorted then, isn't it? One kid-free afternoon & one babysitter day = one remaining slog on the treadmill! And while 0 slogs would be a better number, 1 is doable, right? Smile

              I'm a bit different than most, perhaps. I've learned to like running on the treadmill. So here are a few things I would think about to maybe change your mindset about that wonderful piece of equipment!

              1) I think about how lucky I am to have a treadmill in my house. How awesome is that?!

              2) Once I dial in the speed and incline to a desired effort level, I can stay at that level very consistently. (On my outdoor runs, I always speed up too much, slow down too much, go too hard on hills, back it off too much when I know I'm overdoing it, etc.) If I have a heart rate range I am trying to maintain, the treadmill allows me to tweak the speed by 0.1 mph increments to fine tune this.

              3) I play music and/or listen to books when I run on the treadmill. I refuse to do this outside, but it makes treadmill running more fun for me. (I am currently listening to Moby Dick, just like Ryan Hall in that commercial. has free downloads of books in the public domain ...)

              Ok, this all probably makes me sound weird (as if nothing else I've posted hasn't already accomplished that). I guess the alternative is to just "suck it up." If you only have to use the treadmill once a week, well that sounds pretty good, too!

              Good luck, Christirei!

                Thanks for the advice, we are kind of stone age aroung my yes, I am so grateful to have the treadmill in my basement, BUT I have only a simple tv with no cable, so at four thirty in the morning, it can get pretty tough. Local news is good and all....BUT....


                I also don' t own an MP3 player, and I know I could pick one up pretty's just not something I am into. I hate headphones in my ears, makes me crazy!!


                Finally, my biggest issue with the treadmill is that I get very lightheaded. It may be that I am getting to hot since I don't have the breeze/wind from outside, so I think i might go out and buy a cheap fan from the thrift store and set it up and see if that makes a difference. i do have the fan on the treamill itself, which I always use. I find I can only run on the treadmill with a completely empty stomach, and as long as i get it done first thing in the morning that is okay, my problem happens when my daughters wake up and come snuggle with me in bed (which only seems to happen when Daddy is gone, they must miss him!) and I just can't leave them. So I can almost always find the time to run later in the day, but I have a hard time skipping lunch because I know an hour later i will be running. But so far, even with a light snack an hour before I get this incredible lightheaded feeling. again, will try the whole fan though!


                So, husband is in town this week and it's my official first week of the marathon plan so i should get a good start, but then he is out of town for week two. i will be trying a towel over the display, a fan next to me...and the early local news ?  Smile   now, my question is how in the world will i handle the mileage bump!!!