RW Goal Races, Results, etc. (Read 85 times)

    I find it motivating to read others' race results. It might be nice to also track how the various users of Running Wizard are doing at meeting their race goals, or just have a place to see which races people are training for, etc.  I've seen status charts in other racing forums -- is there any interest in having one here for this group? The table below is my rough attempt at what it would look like ... Ok, I'm no Wizard at this, there is some weird formatting stuff going on, but the info might be nice to refer to. If there is interest, post your info in a response and I'll try to update the chart periodically. 




    Race Date Race Distance Goal        Time Previous PR Goal Met Y/N Notes_________________

    Rock the Parkway

    April 13 2013 5K 21:07 21:59 YES!!


    Congrats!!! 30 second PR! And 2nd in Age Group!


    Kentucky Derby Festival Mini-Marathon

    April 27, 2013 Half Marathon Sub 1:40 (RW prediction: 1:39:42) 1:43:31 YES!! 1:38:43



    Park Trot

    May 4 2013 5K 21:07 NEW: 21:29 YES!!


    2nd overall female, age group winner, 60 second PR. Wow!


    BIG 25 Berlin

    5 May 2013 Half Marathon 1:38 1:40:07 Ah noo! Long-cooking "funky" millet.  Uggh! Get 'em next time! ("Head PR")

    New River Half Marathon

    May 4 2013 Half Marathon   1:50:20 Jan 2013 flat course  


    On a much hillier course than previous PR. Congrats!


    Hope and Healing Half

    May 12 2013 Half Marathon 2:45 N/A YES!!

    2:34:46. Congrats! First Half! PR! Goal Shattered!

    Will start RW plan right after the Half (good "Before and After" potential)


    Westfield 5K

    May 19 2013 5K 25:00


    (from 2008)

    YES!! 24:28. Congrats! 5K PR following training cycle for Boston Marathon. 1st in age group!

    NYPD Memorial 5K Run

    May 19 2013 5K 20:5x 21:23 YES!! 19:49, beating old PR  by 1:34. In a 5K! Awesome! Oh, and 3rd in Age Group.

    Race to the Villa 5K

    June 1 2013 5K  21:00 21:28 YES!! 21:25, beating 5K PR set just 4 weeks ago by 3 seconds! Also, 1st in Age Group -- congrats!
    Josh Sutcliffe

    North Olympic Discovery Half Indoor Insanity Marathon Relay


    June 2 2013 Marathon Relay N/A 3:18   Base-building, streaking, possibly peaking? Team "Born To Pun," wearing hats with fins on them, you know, "indoor fins."

    Lola's Lake Waconia Half Marathon

    June 8 2013 Half Marathon 1:35:00 1:32:37 Yes 1:33:22.9. Prep race (Out N Back) 2 weeks before goal marathon. Not a PR, but close. 4th in age group.

    Fill Their Plates Time Trial thru neighborhood

    June 15 2013 5K 19:50 19:58 Umm.. 19:56. So, a 2-second PR, but not an official race, so it doesn't count. And 6 seconds slower than goal time. So all hope is lost.

    Grandma's Marathon

    (Duluth, MN)

    June 22 2013 Marathon 3:15
    3:21:34 YES!! 3:09:40  Beat my all time PR of 3:11:00 from 1994. But RW said 3:07:36  ... so I'm demanding a complete refund!!
    perryw Hoosier Park 8K Triple Crown June 22 2013 8K   45:00 YES!! 43:09. 1:51 better than previous PR! Very cool horse racing course! Nice work!
    perryw Firecracker 6, Indianapolis July 4 2013 6 mile   49:36 YES!! 49:01 (35 second PR!!)
    SubDood Afton Trail Run July 6 2013 15.5 mi. Goal: Not overdo it. 1:57:26 Epic Fail! WAYY overdid it! 2:17:01  Fun event, but VERY Hilly! Not a goal race. To be honest, not a very good idea to run it at all! More muscle soreness from this event than from marathon 2 weeks ago.
    frank777  Gold Coast Marathon, Queensland 7 July 2013 Marathon   4:57 (Sydney 2000 Host event marathon)   5:48:45. Running across finish line with your daughter -- priceless!! Congrats, Frank!!
    SubDood Hopkins Raspberry Festival July 21 2013 1 Mile Goal: 5:35 PR: 5:35 YES!! 5:25. New PR. 3rd in age group. Old PR is from 1976.
    SubDood Madison Mini-Marathon Aug 17 2013 Half Marathon 1:29:59 1:32:37 YES!!  1:28:33. New PR by over 4 minutes. 3rd in age group.
    christirei Roots and Blues Fest, Columbia, MO Sep 21 2013 Half Marathon 1:40 1:45:08



    1st in AG!!

    RW predicted a 1:40.
    JML Fifth Avenue Mile Sep 22 2013 1 Mile sub 6:00 6:01 (??) YES!!

    5:31 (30 sec PR)

    " ... to address my racing debacle from last year...   horrific race execution" included pacing with a Kenyan ... for awhile. No Kenyans, no puking.

    Josh Sutcliffe Quilcene Oyster Half Sep 28 2013 Half Marathon a) Not die. b)1:25-ish.  1:24:17 Well ... Alive!
    1:27:36. But 1st Place OVERALL!! On a VERY Hilly Half Marathon course. And it was a training race for a marathon. Congrats!
    jerseyrunner Ocean City Half Marathon Sep 29 2013 Half Marathon      

    1:55:09 and 1st in AG!!

    Congrats! Training race for NYC Marathon.

     SubDood Twin Cities 5K Oct 5 2013 5K 19:30 19:58 19:32 YES!! 18:47, 1st in AG.
    dotstar MO' Cowbell Oct 6 2013 Half Marathon 1:53 2:01:09 YES!!  1:52:18. Congrats!! Outrageously even splits -- well done!
    northernman Twin Cities Marathon Oct 6 2013 Marathon 3:17:30 3:21:56  



    Hartford Half

    Oct 12 2013 Half


    1:37:54 YES!! 1:35:00. An "unexpected" training PR ... by almost 3 minutes.
    Josh Sutcliffe

    Victoria Marathon

    Oct 13 2013 Marathon

    < 2:58:48

    (RW says 2:50:31)

    2:58:48    3:19:58. Cramps, chip-seal.
    Sue in PA Runner's World Half Marathon and Festival 10K Oct 19 2013 10K



    1:19:23. First 10K means 10K PR!  Congrats!

    runharrietrun   Oct 20 2013 Half Marathon      

    1:45:39. 2nd in AG. PR-ish. Cool (a.k.a. "weird") book prize!


    Christirei Nationwide Columbus Marathon Oct 20 2013 Marathon



    3:50:08 YES!! 3:27:55. 22-minute PR! BQ!! Congrats!!
    perryw Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon Nov 2 2013 Half Marathon  1:52:28  1:56:27 YES!!  1:52:04. Beat RW goal by 24 seconds, and a 4 minute PR.  10k split was also a PR for that distance.
    JML NYC Marathon Nov 3 2013 Marathon bring first-timers across finish line 4:08:51  YES!!

    Finished! ["Warm-up" Marathon ... charity team event.] Goal Marathon in 2 weeks.

    jerseyrunner NYC Marathon Nov 3 2013 Marathon  sub 4:00    YES!!  3:59:40 Awesome result in windy conditions.
    slothful1 Giralda Farms 10k Nov 10 2013 10K

    Goal: 43:59

    (RW predicted 44:25)

    PR=44:09 YES!!


    43:13 Woo hoo!

    On a very blustery day!

    theyapper66 Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte, NC Nov 16 2013 Marathon 3:59:59 4:23:32 TBD

    RW prediction: 3:47:20

    JML Philly Marathon Nov 16 2013 Marathon       DNF due to foot injury
    jerseyrunner Philly Marathon Nov 16 2013 Half Marathon       1:53:47
    Philliefan33 Delaware Canal Half Marathon Nov 16 2013 Half Marathon       2:29:05 Severe leg cramps after 11.5 miles
    Sue in PA  Canal Path Nov 16 2013  5K        
    slothful1 Ashenfelter 8k Nov 28 2013 8k 34:00 no previous PR YES!!

    33:46, PR (first 8K), despite sprinting toward NON-finish line! Great job!

    perryw Fishers YMCA Wishbone 5k Nov 28 2013 5K n/a 23:53 YES!!

    22:57. New PR! Previous PR was from June 2010. Awesome!

    jerseyrunner Turkey Trot Nov 30 2013 5 mile   39:48 YES!! 39:48 -- matched previous 5 mile PR time from 2007. Excellent!
    SubDood Moustache Run Nov 30 2013 Half Marathon Goal: Grow Facial hair for "Movember."   FAIL! 1:48:15 -- ran Half instead of 16 mile Long Run. (It's a "Fail" because my wife made me shave off my awesome goatee a week before the race. The run itself was quite nice.)
    slothful1 American Red Cross Run for the Red 5k Dec 8 2013 5K Goal: 19:59

    Previous PR:



    19:37 (2nd in AG). PR by almost a full minute. Awesome job!!

     dotstar  Go! St. Louis April 6 2014  Half  1:48  1:52  TBD  

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      Yes! I also enjoy looking at this sort of chart, but I'm too chaotic to be in charge of actually updating it. Would be very grateful if you took on the job, Subdood!


      Here's my info:


      Username: Runharrietrun

      Race name: BIG 25 Berlin

      Race Date: 5 May 2013

      Distance: Half marathon

      Goal time: 1:38 HAHAHAHAHAHA I has a funny!

      PR Time: 1:40:07

      Goal Met: ?????????

      Notes: My PR is from 2008. That's before I had a baby. In 2009 and 2010 I was injured, couldn't really train for weeks/months at a time and never got below 1:41. Then I got pregnant, and now I'm back! Interesting to note that I ran an average of 27 miles per week in the months leading up to this PR, which now seems absurdly low, but I did a lot of intervals and tempo runs and random races because I had yet to read a running book and thought that running fast = getting fast. The usual story!

        Happy to do it, RHR!  Good luck with the taper!

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          I'll be the first to add a result --


          Kentucky Derby Festival Mini-Marathon


          Goal: Sub 1:40 (RW prediction: 1:39:42)

          PR_Time: 1:43:31

          Goal Met: Y - 1:38:43

          Notes: Still trying to decompress. Will get back to you on details.



            Great idea SubDood. I was actually thinking about this a few days ago - how it would be nice to read about people's experiences with RW when they've run their target race. A table like you have shown would work well.


            Here's my entry:


            Username: frank777

            Race name: Gold Coast Marathon, Queensland

            Race Date: 7 July 2013

            Distance: Marathon

            Goal time: running to support my daughter, who has a target of 5:00-5:30

            PR Time: 4:57 (Sydney 2000 Host event marathon)

            Goal Met: TBA

            Notes: TBA


              Thanks for doing this SubDood.  I will tag this post as a 'sticky' so that it stays at the top of the forum topic list


              Info enclosed:



              NYPD Memorial 5K RUn

              May 19th 2013


              Goal: 20:5x

              Current PR: 21:23

               2015 goals: run a bunch....race some.....repeat...

                I just started a 24 week schedule, 8 days ago.

                Goal race is MO Cowbell 1/2 on October 6th.  My PR is 2:01:09 and due to the goal race being a much easier course, and perhaps a little excess optimism, I have a 1:53 goal time.

                I am enjoying the schedule, so far, and am surprised that the out-and-back followed by the aerobic long run is harder than one might expect.

                  Goal race is MO Cowbell 1/2 on October 6th. 

                  I love the name of this race! Does Christopher Walken make a special appearance?

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                    Dotstar - I ran the MO Cowbell the first year they held the race and i absolutely LOVE that race!!! That course is just meant to be a PR's so easy and just a great race! I hope you have a great run this fall!!


                    Subdood - Thanks so much for the chart update!!!


                    So, here are my current stats :


                    Username :  Christirei

                    Race Name :  Rock the Parkway

                    Race Date: April 13th

                    Race Distance: 5K

                    Goal Time: 21:07

                    Previous PR: 21:59

                    Goal Met: almost! 21:29

                    Notes: Learned alot, and still earned 2nd Age group award



                    Username: Christirei

                    Race Name: Park Trot

                    Race Distance: 5K

                    Race Date: May 4th

                    Goal Time : 21:07

                    Previous PR: 21:29  Smile

                    Goal Met: TBA

                    Notes: TBA


                    Username: Christirei

                    Race Name: Nationwide Columbus Marathon

                    Race Distance: Marathon

                    Race Date: October 20th

                    Goal Time : not sure yet

                    Previous PR: 3:50:08

                    Goal Met: TBA

                    Notes: TBA

                      Good luck this weekend, Christi and Harriet! Looking forward to reading your race reports!

                      Anyone else racing this weekend? Good luck to all!

                      My wife is running her first ever half marathon on Sunday. I will be her "pit crew," meeting her at mile 8 or 9 to cheer her on and provide any supplies she might need at that point. If she joined RA, her username would be "PrairieDog."  Go PrairieDog!!

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                        Hey there!! Great race today for me!



                        Park Trot


                        20:29  (not official time, they don't have the results posted yet, but that's what my Garmin said)

                        2nd overall female, age group winner

                        PR by 60 seconds!!!!!


                        Good Luck Harriet!!!

                          Wow, great job Christirei! Congrats!

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                            Official time for this morning's race is 20:29!


                            My Garmin was spot on today Smile


                              Ran the New River Half Marathon yesterday in 1:50:42 in a very hilly course. I thought that was pretty good, considering my PR from January was 1:50:20 in a flat course.

                                Ran the New River Half Marathon yesterday in 1:50:42 in a very hilly course. I thought that was pretty good, considering my PR from January was 1:50:20 in a flat course.

                                Congrats, zonykel!  That's a great result. I'll add it to the chart. Any more races coming up? How's the cat food situation?

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