hills pre-work question (Read 29 times)

    i  am about 7 weeks into a 24 week HM program and have about 3 weeks of mostly aerobic base building remaining.  In the notes for a hill workout, which is the next phase, it says:



    This is a very demanding exercise; you should start working on your legs during the last 2 or 3 weeks of your Aerobic Conditioning Phase to prepare your legs. Be overly cautious and feel your way gradually!


    I am not sure what "working your legs" means.  Weights?  Lunges?  Butt kicks/glides/etc?


    Did you follow this guidance? How?

      I didn't follow that advice because I never noticed it said that! Maybe it's new. Anyway - I would think that running hilly routes a few times a week would help. And I would probably start doing core work like lunges etc., if you don't already. I can't imagine they mean for you to go into the weight room and start with heavy lifting! Body weight stuff (lunges, squats, calf raises...) should be fine.
        I also assume it means to run hilly courses (not mountains, unless that's what you're training for). Note that the hill workouts are not regular hilly runs, but may involve bouncy motions or whatever. Hitting those cold with no prior hill running can be a recipe for injury. But working into them can build your injury resistance.
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          Thanks folks.

            I also did not follow the advice because I also did not see it ... until I started the Hills phase!

            In a future version of RW, maybe the e-mail reminders we get from RunningAhead could have an "extra" message 2-3 weeks before the Hills phase with this piece of advice. (There are a few other times during the overall schedule where it would be nice to receive a "special" note. For example, I remember reading somewhere that one of the most important single workouts in the RW marathon plan is a long Out-and-Back about 5 or 6 weeks before the race. But nothing in the plan itself makes you aware of this.)

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              Good points, SubDood. I think the reason the earlier hills may have not been emphasized is that the original Lydiard programs assumed you were running rolling hill courses at least one, maybe two, days/wk. I have no idea where my Lydiard books are at the moment. IIRC, they alternated flat/easy and rolling/a bit harder, but still aerobic.


              Since my races are hilly and I'm in mid 60s and have trained for these before, I've had lots of hills in my runs before reaching the hill phase. I know 4 wks of hills is not enough for me. Now I just have to figure out *how* to add these types of hills, which aren't regular ones.

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