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    A friend and i each signed up for the half marathon training plans - we put in similar race times (2:17 for me, 2:15 for her), I put comfort level running 7 days a week, 60 min continuously, I think she did 4 or 5 days a week, 30 min continuously.  my goal is 13 weeks away, her race is (I think) 20 weeks away. I think my resting HR is also lower than hers.  Comparing plans, we were surprised that she starts off at faster paces than I do? most of mine seem to be in the 11:40-12:30 range (for the aerobic weeks), vs 10:45-11:45 for her plan.


    Well, before immediately jumping on here to say "my paces are too slow!" (like everyone must think when they first see their RW plan) I decided to try it out and see what happens.  (i don't have a lot of patience, so i only got 5 days in ... ) So i've done a few easy aerobic runs, an easy fartlek, and a jog - tomorrow is my out and back, and then my long aerobic run is Saturday.


    I have found that even at the upper levels of pace guidelines, my HR stays lower than suggested.  IE, tonights aerobic run was supposed to be at 140-160 bpm, but when i ran even at the upper pace, my HR was around 135 - so i finally increased the pace a small amount, until an average hr around 145, and finished my run.

    which guidelines should i consider most strongly? (pace or HR?)


    is there a way to see all my entered recovery indicators as a graph? (i can't find it, and on my calendar here in RA, i only see vitals entered twice, although i know I've entered them every day).

    i accidentally back dated my start date when i got the plan (ie, ordered it 8/9 to start 8/10, but accidentally wrote 8/4 as my start date).  is there a way to delete those first 6 days of plan?

    when i change the order of my runs, is there a way to change it on the calendar view? ie change wednesdays aerobic run to thursdays jog, and thursdays jog to aerobic run? eric said something about editing it but its not recommended, but i don't know how to do that.


    when i put in my times on the first page of RW, it gives a generic race time estimate, but i think that is based on a 24 week plan.  is there anyway to see the race estimate for my particular plan?


    any other tips for new to RW plan?


    thanks all - i did read through a lot of the posts here and have found them helpful and inspiring!


      I can help with some of the bookkeeping questions.


      If you change the order of your runs (i.e. run a recovery jog on a day that scheduled to be an aerobic run), just enter the correct data in your log.  When you do "New run entry", the type of run and distance will automatically be filled in with whatever was called for according to the plan, but you can use the drop-down list to change the details to accurately reflect what you did.  The calendar view reflects what you have logged.


      It is possible to edit your Running Wizard plan on RA.  For example, my RW plan has me running my Out and Back on Fridays, but my schedule on Fridays makes it hard to fit in a run.  Friday works better as a rest day for me.  So I just shuffled the days so my Out and Back is on Saturday and my long aerobic run is on Sunday (same order, just shifted by one day).  To do this, click on "Training Plans" in RA, then hit the little pencil icon next to your RW plan to make the edits -- follow the directions given there.


      Even though I shuffled things around for the plan as it shows up on RA, when I go to the RW website the plan remains as originally written.

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