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  • Meet Me In St. Louie 2013Private group

    nunya bidness

  • Mile Loggers

    We are a group of runners that started C25K sometime between August and December of 2007 and are here for encouragement, accountability, and fun. Some of us are now ready to start the One Hour Runner Program and will be posting our progress.

  • MITBBS Runners


  • Mobile Maze Battleship

    Mobile Maze Battleship is an online, turn-based game. The original inspiration was the commercial game Battleship. However, in this game each player only gets one game piece, everyone knows where it is, but players are allowed to move their piece on the gameboard / "Maze". Shots are fired, hits are taken, and the last ship alive wins! Public game # 1 has started, but new players welcome!

  • More Miles than Degrees Fahrenheit

    You get one point for every mile that you run over the starting temperature of your run. Windchill does NOT COUNT. example: it's zero degrees and you run 6 miles= 6 pts it's -10 degrees and you run 6 miles = 16 pts We are using the Fahrenheit scale here so for you Celsius folks, you must convert. Keep it simple- just modify your single post as you update your point totals.

  • Not LatelyPrivate group


  • OG Bobby T and T Money

    Hawties from Las Vegas that now run fast at Emporia State...One of us just runs faster.

  • On the Bench

    Is something keeping you from running but you really wish you could be? Drop in here for support and commiseration...

  • Outback & LoopPrivate group

    Running Friends

  • PatriotesPrivate group

    This is small private group for a group of friend living around Montreal (QC). C'est simplement un petit groupe d'amis de la région de Montréal. For more info/Pour plus d'info:

  • Pinky and the BrainPrivate group

    Running to take over the world. Narf!

  • Political Free For All

    Have at it.

  • Pre-Dawn Patrol

    PreDawn Patrol is a group of folks who normally do their runs/cross training prior to the rise of the morning sun. The group recognizes that since at any given moment it is PreDawn somewhere in the world all are invited to post. Everyone is very friendly and at all levels of training.

  • PudisPrivate group

    Nur für uns

  • Purdue Friends

    Just friends that I run with!

  • Race Direction, Promotion, and Coordination

    Interested in putting on your own 5K? Are you actively involved with a local race(s)? Have questions? Wanna talk about it?

  • Race Directors

    A group for RDs.

  • RaeAnn & Brad ChallengePrivate group

    Our 6 month challenge to run 1 mile/day starts on 7/1/12 and ends 12/31/12. Goal of 184 miles run in the next 6 months.

  • Rainbow Runners

    A place for LGBT runners

  • Rants and Raves

    If you want to argue left vs. right, come here.