Training Groups


  • 2016 HCS Next Step 10K Group 2Private group

    Group 2

  • 2016 HCS Next Step 10K Group 3Private group

    Group 3

  • 2016 HCS Next Step 10K Group 4Private group

    Group 4

  • 2016 HCS Next Step 10K Group 5Private group

    Group 5

  • 2016 HCS Next Step 10K Group 6Private group

    Group 6

  • 295 Ashley

    Albany Marathon!!!!

  • 3650 Miles in the Hurtlocker

    Anarchy reigns-- No one is coddling anyone. This is good. This is NOT a "you can do it!" group. Do it, or don't do it, or hurt yourself trying. That's respectable.

  • 4PlusTraining_MN REDPrivate group

    The MN RED Training Group for those that expect to finish a marathon in four hours or better.

  • 500 Mile Club

    This group is for people whose goal is to run 500 miles this year.

  • 5000 Mile Club

    For those who are as addicted to cycling as they were/are to running. If you consider a 30 mile ride @17mph to be an easy day this is your group. The following is a sample monthly mileage goal: 325, 325, 350, 450, 500, 550, 600, 500, 400, 350, 325, 325. All you have to do is average 13.7 miles /day.

  • 52 in 52

    A group trying to run the 13.1 mile distance 52 times in 52 weeks. (And we even made it easier, full marathons count as 2!) Joinin us late? Just pro-rate! (and get the full 52 next year)

  • 800 Mile Club

    This intermediate group is meant for those runners who find the 1000M Club too challenging, but the 1000K Club too easy. Our goal is to run 800 miles before the end of the year.

  • A Mile A Day

    This group is based off of the website (not affiliated with though) - where to get your name on the site you have to run at least one mile every day for one year. There are people out there that have done this for 20 and 30+ years, so I figure why don't we start with one year and see what happens.

  • Again To CarthagePrivate group

    "...They'll speak our names in hushed tones, 'those guys are animals' they'll say! We can lay it on the line, bust a gut, show them a clean pair of heels. We can sprint the turn on a spring breeze and feel the winter leave our feet! We can, by God, let our demons loose and just wail on!" -John L. Parker Jr., Once a Runner

  • And they lived happily ever afterPrivate group


  • Armstrong CapstonePrivate group

    This group is for Armstrong Research subjects to record information about mileage run.

  • Back At ItPrivate group

    A couple former runners getting back into running.

  • Bangkok RunnersPrivate group

    Anyone from our running group who is training for specific races.

  • Barefoot Runners

    For anyone interested in learning more about barefoot running. Why run barefoot? * Many people find it cures their injuries, including knee/hip/back pain and chronic PF, by teaching much better form and strengthening underused muscles. * It's fun! * It's cheap! * It makes you look really tough! (shh, don't tell anyone but it's actually really easy)

  • BD and HLGM sharePrivate group

    Sharing training with coach