Runner's Knee vs. Shoe Heel Drop (Read 172 times)


    Does anyone have an opinion/thoughts if shoe heel drop matters for PFPS?

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      More then likely depends more on how you land AND the shoe type.  The more you forefoot strike, the less likely the shoe matters...



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        I'm a forefoot striker and have been running pain free for three years in 4-6mm drop shoes. I went through 2 pairs of Altra zero drop shoes. My shins, an old SF ache, and my left knee cried UNCLE, and I gave up on zero drop. Back to my 4-6mm drop shoes and all is pain free again. I weight train and cycle like an animal, so theres not an imbalance or strength issue. The zero drop simply does't work with my mechanics.

          I think that a shoe with an overly cushioned heel makes it I easier to overstride, which can contribute to runners knee among other things. But as always individual results will vary.

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            I don't really believe in runners' knee. The knee joint  hurts because the ligaments/muscles around the knee are weak And are letting the joint do all the work.

            This kind of pain can be cleared up with doing strength exercises for the knee, like leg extensions, squats, hamstring curls.

            Just my opinion.