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    I want to try and do a streak now... Not necessarily for the purpose of doing a streak itself, but the motivation being that I can add a color bar every day on my RA chart. (Hey, I'm honest :-)     Whatever works to keep me adding more and more mileage in, and those charts have me entertained.    Will see how long I can keep a little streak going.  Maybe a month or more?  (I seem to have all my deploymens and surgeries out of the way now, so nothing to interrupt it --- knock on wood)...  Maybe a test run for Dec 2012, then try for every day in 2013.  Will see... :-)


    The Plan (big parts)→  /// April '14:  Hampton, VA 24 Hour Run for Cancer (PR 80 Miles) ///  Nov '14:  New York Marathon  ///  Dec:  Seashore State Park 50K  ///  April 2015:  VA 24 Hour Run for Cancer (Goal: >80.1+Miles)  ∞