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    Ok.  I need advice for a couple good running locations in Boston for Sat/Sun. 4-8 miles each. Something close to a T stop, where "close" does not have to be super close, I suppose, but does need to be easy to find.  I don't mind hills, I don't mind flat. I *do* kind of mind having to stop at 1,000 traffic lights if it is possible not to have to do that.


    Sites like mapmyrun are loaded with stuff and made my head swim. 


    I'm betting that we've done this thread before here; sorry for the comet.  Search terms "Boston", "Boston run", and "running in Boston" didn't magically show me something quickly.


    I'm staying at the "Hilton Financial District", but I can go anywhere I can get w/o a car.


    Ok then.


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      Running along the Charles is a good option, to avoid traffic lights (and motorized traffic). Here is a funky map with distances.



        The Hilton in the financial District is right by my old office. You're about a mile from the Charles River and all those nice running paths. In my running log I have a route titled "Charles River". Map is viewable. Very easy. No T required. 


        I can't get my Garmin to work until I get to Boston Common - that's why the map is a little weird. But take look at the map and it's not bad. 


        You can take Franklin Street or Milk Street until you get to Downtown Crossing. Then take Bromfield Street to Tremont Street. Once you're on Tremont you can't miss Boston Common. Run to the opposite corner of the Common (see map) . Run along Beacon (or through the Public Garden) until you reach the corner of Beacon Street and Arlington Street. Cross Beacon Street and you'll see a funky orange twirley bridge thingy that takes you right to the Charles river walk/bike way. 


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          You could also go the other direction and take Franklin or Milk Street to the Rose Kennedy Greenway. A little noisier. Not as many pretty college girls sunbathing. 



            If you want a quieter location than the Charles you can take the Red Line to Davis (or Alewife), and follow the Minuteman bike path (flat) out of town as far as you like. It's immediately out of the right-hand exit off the turnstiles - go left around to the back of the T exit.


            I'm not a huge fan of the Charles, mostly because of the noise, but I would also recommend it to someone from out of town. I'd also recommend just hopping over the Longfellow Bridge into Cambridge, it's really hard to go wrong running in that area and you can take a glance at MIT, Harvard and historical landmarks to your heart's content. 


            Unfortunately my favorites are not on public transportation: Battle Rd in Lexington/Concord (dirt path past a load of famous Revolutionary War landmarks), and around Walden Pond in Concord. 

              There is a Saturday morning group run hosted by the City Sports in Porter Square (Red Line).  That run is 5 miles through Harvard and then along the Charles River with only 1 or 2 stops for lights if you run like someone from Boston...maybe 3-5 if you don't like getting hit by cars.


              I agree with the comments above about the Minuteman Bike Path (Red Line)...there is some good running there (I would suggest heading to Alewife over Davis because Arlington and Lexington have a bit less traffic at the crossings except maybe at Lake St).  If you want hills you can hang a left onto Route 60 when the Bike Path gets to Arlington Center and hit Grey Street or Park Ave etc.


              Also from Alewife you could run over to do laps at Fresh Pond.


              If you took the Orange Line out to Oak Grove you could hit some trails in the Fells Reservation...I've only ever been to the Fells on the west side of Rt-93 though so I can't recommend any specific trails.

                Someone should organize a group run.  It would be fun to take a jog with a couple other Boston RAers

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                  My only non-marathon running experiences in Boston have been along the Charles. You can get some good miles in there, crossing the bridges.  Very nice run. 

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                    There is lots of great running around there. First, stop at Marathon Sports in Copley Square and ask for their free Boston Running Map. From Copley square, go four blocks north and you hit Commonwealth Ave, which in that area has a linear park running down the middle of it. If you follow it to the right you get to the Public Gardens and Boston Common. To the left you can follow the Emerald Necklace series of parks: Back Bay Fens, Riverway, Leverett Pond, Jamaica Pond, Arnold Arboretum. Another great option is to use one of the several footbridges over Memorial Drive to get out onto the Charles River Esplanade. You can make loops anywhere from about 3 to 20 miles by running along the river and using the bridges.

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                      Head out to Southie. Here's an RA Map of run I did once. You will get a great view of the harbor, bay, and Good Will Hunting locals.


                        Just a thought, but you could run a cool part of the Boston Marathon route.  You can take the "T" green line to Woodland Station in Newton.  I think this spot is nicknamed "Hell's Alley." Once outside the station you'd head Northeast on Rt. 16 aka Washington St for about half a mile, then turn right at the famed fire house onto Comm Ave.  Run to Homer St. and head back if you want 4 miles.  If you want 8 keep running on Comm Ave just passed Hammondswood Rd then loop back.  What ever you decide I hope that you have a great trip.

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                          Someone should organize a group run.  It would be fun to take a jog with a couple other Boston RAers

                           I'd be up for one on Sunday.




                            Milkman - what thread did that come out of?  As it is Ed, I suspect it has been around for awhile.


                            Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. 


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                              Milkman - what thread did that come out of?  As it is Ed, I suspect it has been around for awhile.



                              Since I sucked it over as a quote, I think you can click on the "Quote from..." right above the quote box to get to the source thread. [that's meant to be an 'fyi' and not a 'here, let me google that for you' snark.]


                              It is definitely an grand master-aged message, but struck me as having most of the core, downtown possibles stuffed into one action-packed message from Ed.

                              Choosing my words carefully has never been my strength I've been known to be vague and often pointless


                                Heh.  I have been here for 4 or 5 years. It did not even occur to me that the quote attribution might be a link that would do something.  That is very cool.


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                                I have been here for 4 or 5 years.