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    I started running in May, 2013.....I am hooked and have done several races and many more planned.  I just found this web site and think it will be perfect to store my training and race data.  But I wanted to also, store 3-4 pictures from each race on the site.  I think that will be fun to go back and look at it over time.  Can you do that on this web site? If so, how?  If not, do you know of a web site that allows this?  Thanks.

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      You can not store pictures on Runningahead.  One reason is there are many, many good picture web services (Flickr, Picasa, etc, etc) devoted to managing pictures, so Runningahead can focus on the recording and analyzing your running data and leave the pictures to a service specialized on that. You can link to pictures stored on other sites via urls in your log notes.

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        Are there any photo web services that cater to runners?  Have it setup to handle pics and all the runner's race information?  Thanks.


          Actually, linking to the photo manager sites might be perfect.....I should have read your entire post before I responded.  Thanks.