Can running shoes really start costing this much? (Read 458 times)

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    Oh Noes!!


    New Balance 2040<input type="hidden" value="M2040GL1" />




    Running is stupid


      made in USA

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          That's totally ridiculous! I thought Newton's were expensive. Sheesh!

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            what the......


            MTA: that is crazy!








              made in USA


              That is really, really interesting.  90/270 = 33%. I cannot be outraged since I will go on buying shoes. But, man, is that really how little we pay overseas laborers?

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                made in USA


                Not sure if it takes 3 times as much labor as other NB shoes to make.

                  They will cost whatever fools like us are willing to pay. Sad

                  Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.


                    Good grief....I paid $141 for my most recent pair (Saucony Triumph 10).  That nearly caused me to start rethinking this hobby.

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                      I give you the Salomon S Lab Sense trail shoe.



                      It'll set you back a cool $200.


                      As for Newtons, I won a pair.  They are about dead at 150 miles.  I MAY get 200 out of them.  (most people do way better, but I have a hitch in my form where I twist my right foot when I push off.  And those Newton lug things do not like that kind of stressor)  So happy I didn't pay the Newton price for that.


                      Ok, bye.


                        These bad boys will set you back $399.



                        And then you still need a bike!

                        Runners run.

                          These bad boys will set you back $399.



                          And then you still need a bike!


                          Everyone needs a little black shoe.

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                            Oh Noes!!


                            New Balance 2040





                            Well, they had to import them from 27 years in the future.

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                              Tom made it near impossible for me to read this thread.



                              I have been actually laughing out loud for minutes.

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                              What in the Jehu?

                                These bad boys will set you back $399.



                                And then you still need a bike!


                                And most people know* that bikes cost $5k.

                                And, every bike shoe costs $399.

                                Biking is expensive, people!



                                *or conditioned to believe

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