Beginners and Beyond

ThursDAILIES: Hey Mother Nature.... (Read 46 times)



     It felt so naked and liberating.


    Clarity: I've found it.

      Phil, super spinning session.

      SIAR, I'm only doing two sessions of weight training this week. (I usually do three. The way Passover falls this year, there's no way I can do three sessions this week and have a day in between. Next week will be no problem; Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday, instead of Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Shuffling running and cardio is a breeze.

      DaveP MI, nice 9.01.

      Damaris, great seven.

      B-Plus, bravo on the doubling.

      Sarah, come back! 


      The double dose of ab work is done. Dinner was lazy: two small yogurts and a pear. I wasn't hungry. I had to force myself to eat.


        It felt so naked and liberating.

        Pics. Or it didn't happen.

            Hi dailies, 12.9 with 18x(1 minute at 5K pace, 30 seconds easy), 7:11 overall.