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Running Mojo - How Have You Recovered it When Lost? (Read 83 times)


    Rich, I don't have any other suggestions other than already given, but I did want to let you know that you are not alone.  Work changes and bad weather have made it harder for me to run since December, but I've also been a wimp and missed more runs than I needed to. I'm hoping that sunny days will help me get out the door more.

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    5/4/14:  Bucks County Ten Miler

      So my question is if  you ever lost your running mojo for a brief period of time, then what did you do to recover it.



      Great suggestions so far.  I think if you isolate what is making you *not* want to run, it becomes easy to fix it.


      For me, it was not wanting to go out in the frigid wintry dark for yet another masochistic episode of jogging too slowly in snow.  So I joined the Y and learned to love the treadmill.