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Consecutive days running... (Read 74 times)


    Hahaha!  I know I'd need to....


    I take days off mostly because I like having days where I don't run. It gives my life balance.  I think my body probably needs light days, whether a totally non-running day is necessary or not, I dunno.  My mind and soul, though, say "Yes, baby, drink wine tonight; sleep in tomorrow!"


    I completely get that ^. 

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      Jack, take a day off and drink a beer or 3.


      Or keep running, and still have the beer. 


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         Or keep running, and still have the beer. 


        Then go run again! 

        Let the run define itself. 



          My mind and soul, though, say "Yes, baby, drink wine tonight; sleep in tomorrow!"


          Helloooo my darling!

          Let the run define itself. 

            You seem to be at a level of fitness where you can handle running everyday. If you feel good and want to run, run. If not, take a day off. Just don't streak for the sake of streaking, like others have said. I'm currently on day 33. Prior to that I was at 50+ with a day off between these 2 streaks. I'll probably take a day off in a week and a half due to a planned hangover.


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              Brad, I can't empathize at your level of fitness because I think you're probably killing it lately......EXCEPT to say......when I was running 30mpw, I found myself doing 6 days in a row each week which was not my usual self  but I found myself feeling better and better as the consecutive days of running became routine.


              I contribute that to running differently than I had before.  Instead of 4 days a week of same old, same old, it was mixed up all the way including speedwork days, fartlek days, easy days, etc. (of course race-motivation helps)


              But I think I started to feel more like a "machine" and less of a scheduled runner.