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Worst banner ad? (Read 73 times)


    I just pay Eric Smile the $10 a year.  Way better than a subscription to RWOL.


    Oski, I've always wanted to ask you - did you migrate with us, or were you here when we showed up and then joined in?


    This. I miss out on the ads. Which is a shame. Honest Guv.

    5K  23:21*  (Vdot 41.53)   10/13/12

    10K  46:35  (Vdot 43.47)  10/4/14

    HM 1:42:41 (Vdot 43.72) 10/25/14

    FM 4:24:33 (Vdot 33.59) 11/8/14

    *Gun time, all others are chip time