Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


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    Any barefoot monkeys out there? I've decided it's my best escape from being a walking, talking pelvic stress fracture. Embracing my inner simian with my new five-finger Bikilas and even some true barefoot time on the treadmill. 



      That's just full-on berserk. 


      I think I broke my left great toe yesterday (1st phalanx) with a spectacular stub along 18th Street. Wonderful sprawling dive, complete with bloody knee and new friction-holes in my Bikilas. I kept going for five miles because that's what a monkey does.

      And I'm undaunted, "barefoot" beats traditional shoes hands down. I'm back in my bikilas as soon as my swollen toe will fit back in there.

      A Dance with Monkeys

        Be strong.


        Ass strong.



            I don't know any barefoot runners but had raced against some but

            running barefoot isn't for me.



              Confirmed! Fracture through the first phalanx, even into the IP joint a little bit but no displacement. Walking boot X several weeks, but probably still won't stop me from slipping on the five-toed shoes and running quietly after work. I'm an incorrigible, AssStrong patient.


                I still have my AssStrong bracelet.  That was so classic.

                Thunder smash!