Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


Going Green (Read 209 times)


    I hear that Trent's tireless sustainability efforts have made a change this year.


    There will be 2 ways to get beer - Beer bongs and sticking you head under the tap and seeing how long you can drink without making a mess.  I may just bring my camelback to get refilled.


    Any use of plastic cups will be a DQ ... Any use of styrofoam cups will be shot ... anyone with C or D-Cups will be flirted with after beer bongs.

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      I guess I have a very twisted sense of humor or none at all ... I thought this was funny.


      Maybe you have had to have entered an ultra that is "Green", where you have to bring your own container to get water from the aide station as they do not supply cups.

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      A Saucy Wench

         anyone with C or D-Cups will be flirted with after beer bongs.


        "beer jugs".  I think i'll start using that term.

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        The Monkey Games

          If you finish, you will receive a FREE SiliPint. It is reusable. It is not green, however.

          And in the end...

            I'm going blue.


            The GITM is moot.