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    Anybody know anything about this? Ever tried it? My instructor was talking about it last night. He described holding a technique for 20 minutes. It looks interesting. I might get a book on it, maybe The Way of the Energy. Any thoughts? Here's a short video.
      I've never tried it but I believe in it's effects. The chanting, much like monk chants, Western and Eastern, does something for the body science has yet to prove. In koryu and newer martial arts, that kee-ya sound strengths the spirit. It's been also used to intimate the opponent. The movements look similar to tai chi.
        My understanding is that while techinally Qigong is a martial art, its application/benefits lie almost exclusively in the energy/health realm. A qualified instructor is a MUST for this if you're going to be messing around with your energy. Also, if someone says they'll teach you how to heal others with QiGong pretty quickly (read: less than, say, 10-20 years) run the other way. (If you want to heal others with energy, there are plenty of energy systems out there for that. And plenty of quacks / people only interested in taking your money.)

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          Last night was the first qigong class at my karate studio. The lead instructor at the school is teaching it, but he's very clear about not being an expert on it. He's been doing it for a few years, but other than a few classes at first, he's mostly learned about it by reading. We did eight moves last night. The workout wasn't very taxing, but parts of it were very stimulating. I wouldn't call it spiritual, but if I keep practicing, maybe.... Regardless, it's a nice change-of-pace sort of workout. There's a regular fighting class on Thursday nights, but participation has been minimal, so Mike (the instructor) decided to change the first half of it into qigong for a while to see if that catches on. My DW stayed home sick last night. She was bummed that she missed it when I told her about it. Next week. Anyway, I just thought I'd give an update. If I do end up realigning my qi, I'll be sure to let you know.