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Rehab Thread - Starting it up again (Read 856 times)


    Hey guys -


    I am such a slacker these days.  I think I'm finally ready to come back...  I have had some major life changes and somehow in the middle of it all, I just stopped running.. I suppose its been 3 years in the making.. but in January I left my husband, and about a week ago I filed for divorce.  I am actually way happier now.  And starting to think about how much I miss running again. Smile    Unfortunately, he still has my treadmill so I can't use it anymore.  I am hoping to  get it back, but we'll see.  I do have a membership to the Y, so am needing to do that for now (during the week at least) and then hopefully can get some outside runs in on the weekends. 


    So I'm starting back slow and easy Smile have gone to the gym a couple of times & am just doing a 3/2 run walk for about 30 minutes.  Funny thing through all this personal growth, and life changes..  I think I understand the balance a little better now.  I don't seem to push myself as hard as I used to.  Smile 


     How is everyone?

      ...w0w RIN//........what a bunch of Crappe to deal with, hope you get custody of the treadmill.......


      you know the drill,


      start off easy,

      stop if it hurts,

      walk it off,


      wear a really Cool Hat


      >>>>>>>good to see you back

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


        Hi again - I made it to the gym this morning! 2 miles 3/2 runwalk. Felt good. I could have done more but trying to ease in slowly due to my neck &the hip. Good news though... the gym has one of those arm bicycle machines the pt's always used to strengthen muscles around my neck. So i am using that! And other weight machines too... just not the one i hurt myself on a few years back. Yep lots of crap in my life.. but it gets done better all the time now. Treadmill.. i put it in the Divorce papers!! Smile

          Yay Linda, We missed you. Glad youre happy and doing well. Ditto what Tom said. But now I know why I have been rehabbing for 4 years. No cool hat. I knew i was doing something wrong.


          Tom, hows your leg?


          I am up to 3 miles of run/walking. Mostly pain free. I have learned (finally) to stop and rest when the pain shows up.


          Yoga forward bends every morning help work out the tightness in my hip flexors. Now I need to find yoga that works for my neck and shoulders.


          Life changes going on here too. I decided yesterday to quit my job (sometime around fall), go back to school for a degree in exercise physiology. I applied for the Univ of Florida online program for people who already have an associates degree or more credits.I am looking forward to the day when I no longer have to talk to pilots ever again.



          Bridge of Flowers 10k Aug

            ...RIN//........Running helps, I ran A LOT when I was going thru mine..........


            laure//........GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!.......having Been There you will be GREAT for exercise physiology. GoodLuck


            The Leg is fine,


            adding a 20min xbike standing on Thurs


            of 2nd runday,

            once I build up the Quads, will goto the 2nd Run

            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


              Laurie - That is so awesome!!!! Proud of you and excited for you! Big grin


              TW - well... I know running helps, but it just stopped.  I think that tells me how bad it was.. I was dealing with a lot of emotional stuff, mental exhaustion hit so that made it hard to have energy for exercise too.   I keep trying to start up again, the desire is there as I'm much better now.  But, its been stop & start as things hit.  The last couple of days were bad, and sure enough I didn't exercise.  Work is crazy too.  Someone got fired, and we are doing his job too..   Its always something isn't it?  All I can do is keep trying.  I'll get there.

                plugg on/////////


                ...........20MIN XBIKE Standing..............sweated like crazy, so it must be cardio

                ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                  Linda, when the going gets tough, the tough go running. Well my point is when things get difficult a good emotional health break is exercise and running is tops for that. Not treadmill running (unless you like that). But running with your favorite ipod songs in  your favorite place and maybe with your favorite people. With your favorite recovery drink/snack.


                  Tom, standing? As in standing up in the pedals the whole time?


                  Tell me your having been there story. plz


                  I am on day 7 or whatever of the return to run program. Anyhow run 10, walk 1, do 2 times. Felt the leg last time. Not sure if I can call it pain or it just felt different than the other leg. Anyhow it went away by the end of the run and no pain today. So all is well. I guess.



                  Bridge of Flowers 10k Aug

                    ...Yep, standing the whole time,,,,,,,,,,,,I guess it's a good work-out, it sure feels like one


                    ...laurie//..........can you switch off to Dirt when the leg starts to hurt??

                    I think a SofterSurface might help.

                    ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


                      TW - standing the whole time?  Yes sounds like a workout!


                      Laurie - alright, I took your advice.  Outside run today.  I have no idea how far, or any of that normal stuff I used to track.  I just ran, and I walked when I needed to and ran again... until I felt better.  Smile   Last couple of days have been rough, I think this was just what I needed.  thanks.

                        yay linda. Thats running at it highest form (for fun). Its the multiple benefits of running.


                        Tom, thats a killer workout. Hows the leg? I think dirt or soft surfaces is a good idea if it flares up.


                        Took a few days off because my leg flared up just a tad, plus its been raining constant. Might try again tomorrow. Today is a swim day for me.



                        Bridge of Flowers 10k Aug

                        Marathon Iowa 2014

                          Laurie - good luck with the retry.


                          Linda - sounds like your run did a world of good.  How was your breathing?  Wasn't that a difficulty you had in the past? 


                          Some of my most enjoyable runs were on the trails at a town reservoir - no watch, no mile markers - just totally lost and enjoying nature.  My favorite phrase to describe that kind of run was "ran x.x hours, unmiled."  Unfortunately, I haven't had one of those kinds of runs in a while.


                          However, I did start the walk to run phase of my rehab from ACL replacement surgery.  Went to the track on Saturday and Sunday (with PBJ Jr.) on bikes, and walked one lap, ran one lap, and walked one lap. Only ten minutes total each time, but the two minutes in the middle were glorious.  I felt awkward, uncoordinated, clumsy and scared, yet exceedingly happy at the same time.  Those were my first times running this year.  


                          Baby steps.  I do have a "long distance" goal in mind - my 20th marathon in the fall.  Perhaps Atlantic City on my birthday.


                          Today - a little stiffness to start the day, but I'm not gonna label it pain. So this morning I lifted, elipticized (30 minutes), and eased my way through a spin class.  Then I did the same walk to run program as the weekend on a treadmill in the gym.  That run part is so short - but I have to stick to the program.  Don't want to risk it. 


                          Tomorrow - walk 600 yards, run 600 yards, walk 600 yards.  A 50% increase - woohoo.


                            Laurie - ah yes, it was nice Big grin  Sorry about the flare up.  How are you doing now?


                            PBJ - Those unmiled runs sound awesome Big grin   No breathing problems anymore.  I had gallbladder surgery two years ago, and it turns out my enlarged, messed up gallbladder was pushing on my diaphragm.   Having it removed was a miracle!!  Now my biggest issue is some alignment problems due to a car accident years ago - but as I've gotten older has really messed with me.  Last year I did prolotherapy, and that helped.  I think now its just super weak muscles, causing neck problems, and hip twisting.  So now am balancing out the running with weights to work on those muscles.   Ouch on the ACL, but great that you're easing into the running.


                            Back to the gym this morning, 2 miles on the treadmill again.  This time I did 6/2 run walk intervals vs the 3/2 last week. and did weights afterwards.  Felt great!

                            just a simple cat


                              However, I did start the walk to run phase of my rehab from ACL replacement surgery.  Went to the track on Saturday and Sunday (with PBJ Jr.) on bikes, and walked one lap, ran one lap, and walked one lap. Only ten minutes total each time, but the two minutes in the middle were glorious.  I felt awkward, uncoordinated, clumsy and scared, yet exceedingly happy at the same time.  Those were my first times running this year.  



                              Woohooo!!  Good for you, PBJ!  Smile


                              Running is stupid

                                yay PBJ//..........hang in there......


                                how's the breathing RIN??





                                 been out of action due to picking my dad's wheelchair up and putting it in the trunk repeatedly

                                during last week's visit


                                Leg Hurts


                                Back started that Spasm Crappe'


                                that said,

                                got in

                                 trailrun Sunday (shouldn't have)

                                two poolruns this week


                                 the x-bike standing for tomorrow.



                                ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....