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3.30.13 (lotta 3s) Saturday Daily (Read 42 times)

    Good runs, everyone!


    Happy Birthday, Denise!


    Go Wildchild!!!

    I didn't realize this was her first 50K.  For some reason thought she'd done a bunch.


    Stretched out the trail run to 4 miles this morning, but around 50% of that  was sheet ice, which is incredibly intimidating on the downhills.  I stayed upright, but one of my friends didn't .... rolled an ankle and fell, so I ran her slowly back to her car.


    Temps went from the freezing mark in the morning to around 10°C this aft, so finished cleaning up the front rock garden.  And under all that dead stuff, I found I have crocuses in bloom!!  Yay!!

    .....Nancy The road to hell is paved....... run trails!

      I'm very anxious to hear how Caroline did out there today!


      today's short run of 12 seemed just as hard, maybe harder than last wks 20's. I think it was the temps. quite warm today - in the low 70's and much of where I was running was in the sun and very little breeze.  I actually got back to my car at 11.4 and just didn't have it in me to slog around for another .6, so I called it a day. 1:48, so about a 9:27 average I think.


      DH is getting lumber to build three 4x8 raised garden beds for me. today is so nice that I wish they were already done because I would be planting in them today!


      have a good rest of the weekend and Easter celebrations!


        Happy Birthday, Denise.  Hope you get some gramma time!  I can’t wait until Brody gets here on Thursday night for a visit.  DS is installing recessed lighting in the kitchen for me so I took Friday off to do fun gramma stuff.


        Go Wild, go!  That reminds me of cheering the MN hockey team.  I hope they aren’t playing tonight because I rented the movie Lincoln and want the big TV.  I also got “Life of Pi” and “Skyfall” for tomorrow.  I hope I can stay awake tonight.


        It’s good to see PBJ around, congrats to the PBJster and Cornell.


        Dave, it sounds like your job is quite stressful, I’m glad you got it done early.  Now you can relax for a bit.


        Eric, thoughts and prayers for Eric and your family with his ongoing struggles.  Glad you had fun times with the grandkids.


        Enke, your run sounded wonderful.  Hope you are doing OK,  take care.


        I’m sure everyone else put much more thought into their Easter dinner than I did.  Ham, baked potatoes and lime jello with pears.   Tonight MrStarr is frying some walleye that I found in the freezer, twice baked potatoes and tossed salad.  I found some dressing that has zero calories!


        I hate to say that I’m a fair weather runner, but I am.  After a month of not running I ran the lake (4.7 miles) on Tuesday and Thursday.  Today I did a little longer route at 5.5 miles with fewer walk breaks. Each run has gotten a smidge faster. Eventually my time will get better but for now I’m excited to run in shorts without a jacket!


        Starr in SW MN


          I didn't bump into either Marj OR Henry out on my run today!  Darn it!!  I've come to count on their presence on my Boston Marathon route runs...



          No Robin, I did a short run on the local reservoir Then we drove up to Kittery, Maine to see my DS, DIL, 4 month old Vera and my DD and GS who flew in from Ohio for the week. We then all went for a long walk on a beach trail in Kittery Point on a beautiful warm and sunny afternoon. It was wonderful to have most of the family together.

          MM #5616

            Quick post to say I survived my first ultra!  Finished in 6:22, and was 3rd in my AG but I don't know out of how many yet - hopefully  more than 3!  Tough course, but really gorgeous.  I'll post pictures and a RR in a few days.   My quads are toast!

            I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

            MM #6177

              Yay Carolyn!! Congrats, and an AG placement to boot, woohoo! Glad I stopped in tonight to check in...


              17 miles for me on a super hilly route, 9:49 avg pace which was right on target for me today. Legs will be toast tomorrow, for sure...

                I'm not a bit surprised you got an AG award, Carolyn!  Way to go!!!

                "We are going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we will not catch it, because nothing is perfect.  But we are going to relentlessly chase it, because in the process we will catch excellence.  I am not remotely interested in just being good."  Vince Lombardi

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                  Nice save enke.  Doesn’t even sound like wildC got any blood either but, somehow, I guess you both had good times anyway.
                  After my well-intentioned planned training for this year fizzling after four training runs in January (and DNS’ing five marathons and beyond and a half mary already this year since then), the warm weather and flowering cherry trees all over town finally got the better of my winter running ennui for four miles across the bridge and back, thereby exceeding last year’s four training runs and making the most of any year since 2008. 
                  Not to jinx me into another DNS or anything like that but, I bet if I could get over to next Saturday’s Yakima River Canyon Marathon, I could keep up to mariposai for a couple of blocks or so at the start.


                  ps - I guess ilene's out-of-town so I'm not sure but good luck to anyone doing another 15k this week. It ran my first one at the beginning of the month and like the 9.3 mile distance.

                  MM #5615

                    Hello everybody!


                    I am beat!  I managed to get to all my stuff, today.  While I was watching the 2nd soccer game, my boss called me to go look at a customer's house that had water coming in the basement.  Well, that ticked me off.  I went and took care of what I could, and went on my way.  Have I mentioned how much I hate my job?


                    Congratulations wildchid!  You are amazing!


                    My run completely kicked my butt.  I started out okay but fizzled at the end.  1 mile intervals with .25 between each.  It went like this: 1 mile warm up in 7:17 (yeah...I was kind of anxious to get going)

                    6:06--1:54--6:02--1:57--6:06--1:54--6:10--2:02--6:14--2:07--6:07--2:16--6:12--2:22--6:24 (I was really feeling the pizza at the birthday party)--2:17--6:24--2:25--6:39 (not happy with that one)--2:16--6:54 (really not happy with that one)--then limped on home for .8 mile in 6:47.  Total was 15.3 in 1:45:07.


                    Okay--that's all the energy I got.  Have a hoppy Easter!

                      Fantastic race, Carolyn!!  Congrats on the hardware!!

                      I always knew you were ultra-tough!!

                      .....Nancy The road to hell is paved....... run trails!

                      MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                        mikeE - it's your boss I don't like.  However, You are a real Holly not only getting in a run like that after a day like that but also knowing what all those numbers/paces/laps/spits/gremlins/etc. mean. Have a  holly Easter.

                        MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                          mikeE - it's your boss I don't like.  However, You are a real Holly, if not posie, not only getting in a run like that after a day like that but also knowing what all those numbers/paces/laps/spits/gremlins/etc. mean. Have a  holly Easter.

                            Woohoo Carolyn! Excellent run for you today! That was one helluva course and you did great!


                            Happy Birthday (well, belated now), Denise!


                            Sounds like a fun easter egg hunt, Holly. Around here you'd need a snow shovel, too!


                            Tough run, MikeE. You are one fast runner to be disappointed in a 6:54 near the end of a 15 mile run. Geez.... Roll eyes


                            We had a really nice warm day yesterday. I got out of work late but still managed to run 7+ miles in the late day sunshine and 42° temps. Nice! Today was not quite as warm, but I ran 8.1 hilly miles in my neighborhood before heading in to the office for a couple hours. Had a nice chat on the phone with DS2 who is down in CA at 29 Palms waiting for his class to start. Was nice to talk with him, I miss that kid.

                            Marathon Maniac #957

                              Fantastic race, Carolyn!!  Congrats on the hardware!!

                              I always knew you were ultra-tough!!



                              Tet - Big grin

                              Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                                Way to go Carolyn!  You are an awesome runner and deserve that award. 50K and 6 marathons in one year, wow!  I can't wait for pictures and a report.


                                MikeE - greta interval run you despite the interruption.  I'd be ecstatic with your 1/4 mile pace!  Stoopid job, what happens if you "forget" your cell phone when you're out.


                                Heme - it sounds like you and your friend need Yak Trax.  I hate the ice, much less on hills.  Is she OK?


                                Tammy - my longest, and hardest, training run for my half last fall was 12 miles.  Of course it was 70° or so..... and the day after my 1st race in 7 years.  It's way to early to plant here, usually after Mother's Day for flowers.  Not much besides lettuce before then.


                                Tet - I'd drive over to Yakima in a heartbeat to be able to run with Posie, what fun that would be just to meet her much less run with her.  Go on now!


                                Henrun - I'd love to go to Maine again someday, It has been a long time,,,45 years ago my family was at Pemmaquid camping over the 4th of July. It was fun to get together then with our East Coast relatives.