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    Although I struggled a lot in difficult conditions in last year’s swim in the annual triathlons I’ve been doing since 1978 and think that this year’s huge swim improvement on zero stroke time in the water since the last year must be a mistake, I need to post it before it’s corrected as, along with a stronger bike (on only four miles of riding in the last year too), I finished more than 15 minutes faster overall than last year.  Oddly enough, with the only triathlon training I’ve done in the last year being the running, at 35:09, this year’s 5K run leg was the only slower leg compared to last year (34:26).  It even made me break down for a 4-mile,first training run since May this morning.  Oh well.
    ps posie - no particular reason because, fortunately, with 4-yo GS down from the northland for the week, I didn’t get too envious of your running with twocat again <<<(no I did NOT)>>> but I’m just wondering if, now that both DS’s aren’t in Seattle anymore, there’ll be any other chances to run with you.  Say so and I’ll even promise to do another training run beforehand.\

    pps - as usual, I agree with everything Dave59 says.

    Based on my already missing my GSI, I also understand why you miss your GD so much.


    posted: by Dave59 9/16/2013 at 12:00 PM

    It wouldn't matter if wildchild was at mile 12 or 52, she always looks like she is running good and enjoying every step.


      YAY!!  thanks for posting the picture Mariposai!!  Glad you had a safe trip home - you are amazing just squeezing in another 8 miles!!

      Twocat - loved spending time with you even if it was too brief!!

      Wildchild - gorgeous photo!!

      ((Holly))  Please keep posting  - we are here for you!

      Tet - no swim practice for your annual tri?

      Robin - I cant believe that ride is at Canobie Lake!!  Looks more like something from Six Flaggs!!

      Jay and Mrs Coastwalker - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!


      Today was supposed to be a rest day, but I decided on Tues/Wed as my cellular cleanse days with Isagenix and those need to be rest days so I went out this evening for a 4.3 mile easy run!!  Feeling fortunate to have so many caring friends in my life - here in RA virtual world and in my "real" world - very thankful for all of  you!!


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        Happy anniversary, Jay!


        Congratulations Posie and Twocat!


        You, too, wild!  How many marathons/ultras is that, now?  You've done so many in the last 15 months, I can't keep track.


        I had a good workout at the track, tonight.  It's amazing what a difference 30 degrees makes.  Last week was 94 and I just about died trying to do 5 x 1000.  Tonight, I worked hard but had very little trouble handling 4 x 1200.


        Okay--that's all I've got time for.  See ya.


        Oh, shoot--congratulations on our tri, deez!


        And, Holly, as far as I'm concerned, you can post anything you want, anytime.

          Nice run yesterday Erika!


          Congrats on the Anniversary Jay – dinner out is a good idea.


          Okay – so you know how Ribs suggests heading out for “just a mile” when someone doesn’t really feel like getting a run in or isn’t feeling up to it. So I did, go out for “just a mile” – only that’s what I did. Really. It was a lovely mile – all the one-mileness of it that is.


          Wildchild – you are airborne


          Meant to add that any day I can make Tramps chuckle is a good day!



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          MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

            hey, where's steve to say good night.

            oh well\. \good night.


            god bless holly and her mom.


            deezie - i'm even more of a non-trainer in the water than on the ground.

            too many hills around seattle for much biking with a right knee that's showing it's age.

            Lobsterman sounds like so much fun, . . and what a swim it must have been.

            our open-water swim was in pretty shallow water of Lake Washington but there was quite an undertow at some places. .

              Holly, we're friends here. You're important


              Happy anniversary Jay





              It wouldn't matter if wildchild was at mile 12 or 52, she always looks like she is running good and enjoying every step.




              Two miles with dogs.