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Moooovin Wednesday Jan 9 (Read 292 times)


    Great cow story Tom.


    I've recovered from Monday's spankin. and am trying to enjoy a work trip. Different time zone so I started my day at 5 am local. I kinda feel like Jay if only for a day.


    7 easy to start.


    Have a great one and heal up everyone.

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      Yes, Tom's cows had me laughing.

      Gordon--you made me laugh, too.  (If it's not windy, I'm good to about 25F.  But I wear gloves.)


      Beautiful crescent moon and starry sky for this morning's EZ 7.

        Good morning Norm, Tramps and all to follow. Where did your work travels take you today? Running outside or on a hotel treadmill?


        Tramps, you are a machine. What is an "EZ 7" pace for you?


        It's a windy Wednesday here but relatively warm. Cross training day for me, 5 miles on the eliptical with some Bosu and stability ball stuff. And, of course, planks.


        Tonight's the kick-off party for the CellCom in May. Any takers? Slo? Marj? Henry? Dave? Buehler?


          Mornin' Norm, Tramps, Jlynne, and those still waking up (or who will work out later).


          Tselbes, our own cow whisperer. Who would have thought?


          Seems that Carolyn is getting in some great runs on her trip. That's the great thing about running (and racewalking) - you can do them anywhere, and it is a great way to explore wherever you find yourself - even on a cow path...


          The Admin. Coordinator of a non-profit that I head up is leaving. I interviewed one good candidate yesterday afternoon, and have another candidate to interview today. I hope this transition will be a quick process.


          I picked up a pair of the 2013 Mizuno Mush last night. they are near 2 oz. lighter than last year's model, which is nice. The difference is the uppers have more mesh and less structure, but that's OK. The best part is that my racewalking group gave me a gift cert. to the local running store for Christmas, so the shoes were on them. They don't owe me anything, so I was quite humbled by their generosity.


          5.3 racewalking miles at 4:15 this morning: 25F; virtually no wind; and clear, moonless skies. I did mile fartleks today and had a good workout, followed by stretches, squats, crunches and, of course, planks.


          Have a great day!  -  Jay

            Legs were a little stiff this morning, so my RP and I walked a mile and chatted over a coffee...back at it tomorrow...

            Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip



              I picked up a pair of the 2013 Mizuno Mush last night. they are near 2 oz. lighter than last year's model, which is nice.

              Are those the ones with a lot of really soft padding? Wink  Hoping that's a typo, 'cause that sounds like a really starnge name.


              Also on a business trip, but my morning run wasn't quite up to C-R's level--2.25 miles on my hotel loop.  Right around 40°, so comfortable in shorts and a long sleeve shirt.  My more consistant running showed up as a pleasant surpise this morning.  9:25 pace, which is almost a minute faster than I was seeing last year down here.


              Happy hump day to all that follow. Smile

              I think I need a race..............................................


                Morning folks!


                The pool was still relatively quiet, if you don't count the little fishies in the swim team practicing in the far 4 lanes.  I expected a mob in the remaining lanes, with everyone starting up their tri training for the season.  But no circle swims were needed (which happens when >2 people need to share a lane) and I got in a nice 1000m is a slightly faster time than last week.  The difference is probably due to less fiddling with the goggles, as opposed to better technique, since I'm still awfully rusty after a 2 year hiatus from lane swimming.


                The foot is still barky, but am feeling some definite signs of improvement.  With luck, and a couple more treatments, I might be able to be back running by the end of the month.


                Enjoy your day, everyone!

                .....Nancy The road to hell is paved....... run trails!


                  Are those the ones with a lot of really soft padding? Wink  Hoping that's a typo, 'cause that sounds like a really starnge name.



                  It is good to know I can always count on someone here to spot and call out my typos! Roll eyes The real name of the shoe is Mizuno Musha. that's not much better than Mush, is it??


                  Nice pace improvement vs. last year, Kevin. Consistent training will do that to you.



                    ...I was actually Bored by PoolRunning this morning...........GASP




                    32min poolrun


                    felt like I was Running in Creamed Corn.




                    don't ask how I know that.


                    ....................good running guys

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                      Smile  Ran 5 miles at the track last night.   Time to do my sciatic exercises again!


                      Running is stupid

                        Just 3 for me.  Roads were crazy icy and I was lucky to make it back.  The sun is out and is 40° but the places where the sun never reaches have turned to a slippery glaze.  If you stand still you start to slide to the edges of the road.


                        From today's Strange Brew (for SteveP):



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                          Ilene, I would like to know what your sciatica exercises are.  I also have a set which cured me and have had no problems since.  I am also convinced that the prone pressups were one of the best sets I ever did, and I still do them, sort of like cobra in yoga.


                          Great to see Nancy back here posting and hope you heal up okay.


                          So the group owes you nothing huh Jay?  We all know how hard you work and doing things for others.  They wanted to recognize you. Mush away!


                          Raining like crazy here for the second day, so I put my iPod Shuffle into a ziploc baggie and put the baggie in the pocket of my windbreaker and zipped that up. Didn't matter.  Water got in and the device shut down. Damn! All my fault too.  It's in a cup of dry rice right now; fingers crossed it works tomorrow.


                          Anyway, just shy of 5 miles for the day. Next week I'm in Springfield, MO.  Who lives there?  Spareribs

                          Marathon Maniac #957

                            Yes, Tom's cows had me laughing.


                            Me, too...Smile


                            6.2 miles of fartleks in 39 breezy degrees this morning, including one mile @ 8:34 and 14 fartlek-striders that were mostly 200-300m, roughly.  Felt good to run fast(er), if only for a bit.

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                              Tonight's the kick-off party for the CellCom in May. Any takers? Slo? Marj? Henry? Dave? Buehler?

                              I'm signed up and looking for redemption.  Cindy will probably come along and we'll stay a few days to visit with our daughter.

                              Cyberslacking on the Procrastination Superhighway. 

                                I am goofing off at work so I should make this short.  I started back up running with a 1/3 mile walk and 3 2/3 mile run all on the TM.  Friday I will shoot for 4 outdoors if it is not raining (50/50 by the latest forecasts).  As to the ankle, so far so good today but that has been true the day of a run before.  Tomorrow morning will tell the real tale.

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