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Appalachian trail question (Read 22 times)

    Have you ever run by the Blue mtn/ Lehigh Gap area? My friend wants me to join her, and I was wondering how runnable this section is for a relatively new trail/ultra runner.

    Le professeur de trail

      I've not been to that section but here is a site with a couple pictures.

      My understanding is most of the AT in PA is rocky especially north of where I am (Harrisburg area).  From the pictures on this site, doesn't look too bad.  But rocky trail is all relative.  If you are not used to it at all, then even a few rocks will annoy you.  On the other hand, when that is all you have to run on, you get used to it.

      I'd do it if I were you.  Looks like a great run.


        Looks like Jamie and I are on the same page.



          Thanks for the advice! Turns out the section I ran was flat, but rocky. The rocks were covered with about 4-6 inches of snow, which was both helpful and harmful at the same time.


          I posted on my blog about it:  Adventures on the Appalachian Trail


          Thanks again Smile