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New Balance MT1210 "Leadville" (Read 89 times)


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    Has anyone tried out these new "ultra-running" shoes from New Balance?  I really like my MT110s and my MT20....but I would like something with more cushioning for the rockier trails and longer distances.  These look like great shoes for me....less heel-toe drop than a traditional running shoe....NB seems to fit my foot well for the most part....just curious if anyone has any experiences to share?





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      I'm ordering a pair to try out. I really like NB shoes but I don't have one that I can wear in 100 miler. They brought them to Leadville last year and showed them off, but I didn't get a chance to put them on.


        I ordered pair and wore them around the house for a while.


        My initial impressions were that they were really light and comfy and thought they were great.

        But...I tried them on again and fell out of love.  I'm not sure if it was a stability bar or something, but I had a weird feeling under the heal (as I said almost like a bar running underneath my heal) and after wearing them around a few more times (inside) I decided they were not for me and returned them.  For someone else they might be great but just didn't suit me.  They were surprisingly light though and I liked the 9mil drop and felt very smooth.. anxious to see where this line goes, could be very good.



        I went with the Cascadia 7s.


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          Did not care for them , it was an instant dislike at the Running Store . I walked them around and didn't even want to try them on the treadmill they have to test shoes . I couldn't pin it down really just not for me . I went with the Saucony Xodus which I really like .

            I've been really looking forward to this shoe. I'm going to be ordering it as soon as running warehouse has it in my size. I'm hoping it will be a better shoe for me than the cascadia was (blister issues, i need a larger toebox overall).

            If it doesn't work, I'm thinking at looking at Altra next.


              I just got a pair about a week ago but have not run in them yet. I use an orthotic so that will change my perspective on them, although I can say that I can tell that they have more cushioning and a bigger toe box then the Cascadia's. I might use them on a trail run this coming Tuesday. If so I'll try to post my initial impressions.


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                Thanks all for your input.  I tried the cascadias several months back and they were way too narrow through the midfoot for me.  Everything I've read about the 1210s says that they have way more volume through thee midfoot so I finally broke down and ordered a pair from Running Warehouse.  They should be here on Friday so I will get some miles on them over the weekend.


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                  I tried these on.  I have owned 4 styles of NB in size 10.5, but even the 10's felt too roomy for me.  They are roomy heel to toe.  For me, I was worried that the heel would slip (wide side to side).  The toe box is not only wide it is also tall (room vertically).  Can't give a real review since I didn't end up buying them.

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                    hmmmm- nice wide toe box, might have to give a pair a go- the toe box is the ultimate killer for me with almost every shoe- I need lots as my toes are almost all the same length (sans the little toe)


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                      They look like the NB version of a Cascadia, those of you who have worn Cascadia's and have tried these on, any similarities?


                        They look like the NB version of a Cascadia, those of you who have worn Cascadia's and have tried these on, any similarities?


                        I haven't wore mine very much yet, certainly not enough to write a review about them, however, they are very different than the Cascadia 5s that I have. These are lighter with a roomier toe box. They also seem to have more cushioning then the Cascadia's, Although that is comparing the well used Cascadia to the just out of the box 1210's.

                          I got a pair on Tuesday from LRS, and left one felt great, right one started to hurt ( front of heel on inside, think somebody else said that too) so I guess I have to take them back. Kinda stinks because they seemed to have a wider toe box for my big ole feet. Now I gotta try and find something else wide enough for me.

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                            Just took mine out for 7 miles of trails and they seem ok so far. I have a 25 miler tomorrow, so they'll get tested for real.


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                              I did 12 miles of trails in mine on were wet and muddy....lots of frozen 4-6 inches of snow at the higher problems with the shoes at all.  traction was great through everything.


                              They do seem to run a bit big....I wear an 11.5 in every other NB shoe I've tried...but I think I would be comfortable in an 11 in these, although that may be part of there design to account for foot swelling?


                              Lace....are you wearing the same size as your other NB shoes?

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                                Lace....are you wearing the same size as your other NB shoes?


                                I wear a 1/2 size smaller in all the NB shoes.


                                I took mine out for 22 trail miles yesterday and I really enjoyed them. They're "more shoe" than I usually wear under 50 miles, but they have the same profile as the shoes I wear in 100 milers. They were light and comfortable. I think they may be a great shoe for my long races.